girl seeks girl

Carmen, Nines, Monica. Remember these names okay? Yeah, I had a hard time too.
Soooo. I was wondering if I could interest you in this Spanish series featuring really hot lesbians in Madrid? YES?

OK now that I have your attention.

(Cut for spoilers)

I don't even care that it's basically The L Word in Spanish, because there's no arguing that The L Word's done the whole adult lesbian group/ensemble thing altogether first, but man, Girl seeks Girl (Chica busca Chica -- Jesus Christ, how hot does that sound, right?), a Spanish TV series following the lives of this quirky group of lesbians navigating Madrid's dating scene, is awesome. It's sexy and funny and the chemistry between the actresses? OFF.The fucking. Charts. Christ.

Utter lack of gratuitous sex scenes notwithstanding (oh man, this is my only gripe. All these hot lesbians but no gratuitous sex scenes? Is this thing really aimed at lesbians? LOL I'm joking. Okay, maybe just half-joking haha. Ha.), the show manages to be seductive and delicious and sitting through the whole thing I could feel my insides burn.

Anyway, the thing opens with Nines (NEE-nes), resident flirt and bartender at the local lesbian bar, trying to discreetly leave the room of Monica, a girl who's been obsessed with her for years, after a wild night. On the way out she bumps into Monica's roommate and best friend Carmen, a psychiatrist who is hot like fucking hell. Apparently, Carmen's straight, and is actually preparing to move out of the house and move in with her boyfriend Jorge, who turns out to be a cheating bastard. (But then you know what they say -- everybody's straight until they're not. Haha.)

Look at that grin on that straight girl. Hah. Carmen and Nines. Ngl, I'll hit that Carmen so hard. Type kung type.
Good question. Nines and Carmen. I really like it whenever Carmen crosses her legs like that. It does things to my system.
Also: That Carmen can dance. No gifs (yet), so for the meantime, you'll just have to take my word for it.
The story revolves around these three girls. The build-up of the tension is INSANE, and Celia Freijeiro as Nines is fantastic -- she acts like she's always at the brink of laughing, and whenever she's on screen with Sandra Collantes (who plays Carmen), it's always like they have this private joke of the of course, we're sleeping with each other in real life off the set of this-variety. Drove me crazy, that. Haha.

ANYWAY. Other quirky characters include Ana, Monica's new roommate, an actress who's just coming out; Yoyo, the messenger whom Ana wants to hook up with; Michelle, the straight bartender who works with Nines; Rossi, Nines' ex and boss; Roberta, Jorge's Mexican friend who's actually a cross between Bette Porter and Penelope Cruz; Maite, Nines' ex; Eva, Monica's ex; a narcoleptic judo athlete and a dying old man next door who keeps asking Monica to do his laundry for him (utterly random but adorable).

So--returning exes? Check. The straight girl who is captivated by the resident lesbian playgirl? Check. That really hot older woman? Check. That naive new lesbian? Check. A sex store? Check. A clueless/helpless boyfriend? Check. Insane tension? Check. REALLY HOT SPANISH GIRLS DANCING TOGETHER? Check. (My favorite part, obvsly.)

Also: Man, we're having this really fun time figuring out what all those dirty-sounding Spanish words really mean. Haha. Fucking sexy language, Christ.

Ohai Sandra Collantes putting her shirt on and Celia Freijeiro half-naked. YOU'RE WELCOME.
This one grabbed from the Making of the 2010 CBC Calendar. SRSLY. Watch the video here.
Also worth looking at: CBC hi-res trailer on Vimeo.

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