the grand jowa reunion

Oh man, what a fine way to spend a lovely Sunday -- picnic-ing with girl friends from college. Here be the girls with whom I spent most of my college years with -- smoking under the CMC skywalk, talking under the streetlamp on the corner of my old boarding house's street, thinking about potential dialogue between inanimate objects, like light bulbs and leaves. IN FILIPINO. Haha.

Here be a photo salvaged off Friendster (LOL) from 2003 or 2004:

Young once: L-R, Julie, Mamu, Melay, Me.
Jesus, in this picture I weighed, like, HALF of what I weigh now.
 And here's a photo nearly a decade later haha:

At Mang Jimmy's, clockwise from bottom left: Mamu, Julie, Me, Melay. Check out those matching blues! :)

(More photos under cut!)

We had originally wanted to go to Tagaytay, but due to financial constraints, decided to hold this jowa reunion in Metro Manila instead haha. Thankfully, Andrea found a nice park somewhere near Mang Jimmy's in Balara - o di parang nag-Picnic Grove din kami! (Minus Tagaytay's potentially cold weather nga lang haha)

We are cooking up (or rather, baking hehe) something really awesome. Watch out! :)
With Jaycee in this photo at Starbucks Katipunan. Parang college girls lang talaga haha.
Updated each other about our lives -- it was Melay's first time to meet Andrea and that made this event extra special :) Talked about work and love over lunch at Mang Jimmy's (still nomnomnom) and then transferred to the "park" to discuss a little something we're baking in that proverbial oven (haha COMING REALLY SOON!) Breeze was nice and the shade was awesome and then we ate Julie's chips and drank Sprite. In the park. Parang totoong picnic haha! Transferred to Starbucks Katipunan where we met Jaycee (who missed Melay by only 5 minutes - sayang!) and then we went back into UP where we had isaw. Oh, Lord. Girls, we should do this more often! :)

P.S. Thanks love for taking all these wonderful photos! :)

(No, I haven't forgotten the fact that I headed straight to a crazy birthday party after this already loaded morning. That entry's coming next. :))