La Luz, Batangas (March 2011)

(Summary: We were in La Luz, Laiya, Batangas on Saturday! There were a lot of beach photos! Some under cut!)

In which we break Drea's infamous La Luz curse! (Hehe - thanks Universe!)

Notes on this trip:
  • This daytrip to La Luz cost us P750/head (inclusive of entrance, use of beach-side hut and other beach facilities, buffet lunch and snacks -- puwede na.)
  • Left Makati in Ian's car with Ice, Cy and Drea around 5:30 a.m. and reached the resort around 9-ish. The drive over was rainy -- that got us really nervous -- and the sky when we got there was still a bit overcast but it improved eventually.
  • The girls didn't tell me we were supposed to wear beach dresses today! LOL. Di bale, pare-pareho naman kami ng shorts ng boys. Ayuz.
  • Fell asleep after lunch beside my girlfriend right on the beach under the shade of an umbrella we setup ourselves somebody setup before us (LOL) while listening to Waka-Waka in my iPod. GOLDEN MOMENT FTW.
  • Ice brought her snorkels and goggles (thanks Ice!) This is the first beach trip for our underwater camera! We had pictures of fishes and corals! Nice.
  • It was a brilliant idea to bring submergeable shoes as the seafloor was really jagged. Thanks for the idea, love!
  • We camwhored on top of a huge rock! It was really scary. Haha.
  • After years of practice, we finally got our jump shots right with the least number of jump attempts EVER. MILESTONE.


Cast of characters (L-R): Ian, Cy, Me, Kim, Almi, Ice, Drea
On the rocks: Almi, Ice, Me, Drea.
This photo taken by Kim, thank you!
Woohoo V of Nature! Almi, Drea, Me, Ice.
This photo taken by Kim, thank you!
Nice loft! Me, Ice, Drea, Almi.
This photo taken by Kim, thank you!
Nice view! Thanks Universe!
Hi miss! <3
Gratuitous Photo of Ourselves.
Gratuitous Photo of Ourselves On Top of This Huge Rock
(Watch me pretending to be not afraid of heights LOL)
Gratuitous Photo of Us Jumping
Take one yan! Perfected through years of practice LOL!
Ice, Cy, Me (SO HAPPY), Drea, Almi
We hereby declare Beach Season 2011 OFFICIALLY OPEN
Kim, Almi, Ice, Drea, Me, Cy, Ian