life roundup, week ending 3.4

So... this week: T-minus-24hrs before we hit the first beach for 2011, Sugarfree, and can we please, PLEASE talk about Skins UK season 5? -- under cut.

Right now: T-minus-twenty-four-or-so hours before I hit the beach with my girls:

Hundred Islands, Pangasinan (2010)
Been going to the beach with these ladies since forever. I think it was Sariaya in 2007 (may hinahanap akong picture nitooooo di ko makita argh), La Union in 2008 and Zambales in 2009. =) Tomorrow's La Luz in Laiya naman =) I can already smell the sunblock in the air... Haha. For some totally unrelated reason, na-miss ko ang Rockwell. Okay, moving on.

You know what's fantastic? This Sugarfree album:

Sugarfree Live! with the Manila Symphony Orchestra
  • That version of Kuwarto (Magpapaalam na sayooooooo + violins = story of my life 2005) makes me weepy. Remind me to keep my hands off this album when I'm PMS-ing LOL. 
  • That version of Burnout is AWESOME (O kay tagaaaaaal din kitaaaaang minahaaaaaal story of her life 2005 haha nandamay pa!?) 
  • That version of  Prom hihi kilig (Parang atin ang gabiiii para bang wala tayong katabiiii)
  • That version of Mariposa (Dahil ditooooo...) -- different, but the original's better. 
May bulleted list!? Ano ba. Hahaha. Anyway, Sugarfree nostalgia is brought to you by their last Eastwood gig on Wednesday -- which Andrea and I caught via an online livestream. Listened to the whole shebang go down while in bed, singing along to the songs in the dark. It was awesome. Hihi.

On other news: Can we talk about what we've seen so far in Skins UK's fifth season? Like you have a choice, haha. We're five episodes in and so far they have all been fantastic -- solid storytelling, totally relatable characters, breathtaking shots (oh my God how is all of  it just so pretty -- walls, streets, playgrounds, etc? Is it just us?) and hey look ma, NO LESBIANS! BUT WE'RE STILL INVESTED!

Hay Skins. Why so pretty?
That link to the E4 site prolly won't do much of it justice -- the kids in this gen are good actors, and we're particularly smitten with Freya's portrayal of resident bitch Mini. Also worth noting is the fact that this gen's adults are not too much of caricatures, in comparison to the previous gen's -- the parents, most notably. I mean, I'll always love Naomi's mom Gina, but in terms of depth, the parents here so far -- Mini's mom, most memorably -- are of a different sort entirely. One too many times we've found ourselves asking, Is this still Skins? Why are the parents not making fools of themselves? Not that we're complaining -- we're actually very pleased. (Or maybe because we're over 25? Hahaha.)

Being human, we can't help but compare it to the Skins US version, which is already on its 7th episode as of last check -- so okay, it's the first US season of it, and UK has had four earlier seasons to iron out its kinks, so maybe I'd forgive Skins US for having the most annoying male lead ever -- and I checked myself, it's not because I'm lesbian, and most certainly not just because the annoying male lead tries to get into the resident lesbian's pants and succeeds.

I am liking the male characters in the UK version, even the most vile of them (Nick) - because I understand where he's coming from, because the show was written that way. And trust me, I can totally be interested in a story that says a girl who likes girls can like a guy, but please, do it decently. Skins US is... just all over the place, sadly. Sadder still that I don't think I'm coming back for Season 2 (god forbid there is one.)

I could go on and on with screencaps and stuff because I can be obsessive like that but I'mma just wait until the whole thing plays out for both versions before I issue a final verdict. (FINAL VERDICT DAW! Ano ba seryoso?!)

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