life roundup, week ending 4.7

(Under cut: Sucker Punch, Hop, and a few other age-related things)

I. Sucker Punch

You will be unprepared.
O, kami na ang nagulat, kami na.

Watched this movie with the girlfriend and Research. I actually enjoyed Eliza's review of this movie more than the movie itself. Haha. Oh man. I remember last year when this was just a trailer with a lot of promises (GIRLS WITH GUNS AND SWORDS FIGHTING DRAGONS!) but Jesus nobody told me it was an extended music video about an extended fantasy involving dragons and Nazis that's actually an extended fantasy itself of a brothel that's an extended fantasy of an asylum of wayward girls. WHEW. Somebody said, Oh so it's like Inception? Um okay.

ANYWAY. At least it had Saturn. It has also spawned a lot of discussion, like this one I found: a Feminist Defense of Sucker Punch. Innnneresting, right? (Well, to be honest, anything that requires me to overthink that hard automatically shuts my brain down, but carry on you guys.)

II. Hop

Now I ENJOYED this movie. What's not to love - Chicks! Bunnies! Candy! All together in a totally not perverted manner. YES. Also: Russell Brand. And drums. A whole lot of drumming. Yep, we totally enjoyed this movie. Go catch it, and be not ashamed of the urge to dance. Hehe.

III. Nerf

Guess whattttttt.
Wedding props number 1 and 2.
Anyway, on Sunday we were walking through Toys R Us and I was eyeing these thingies because they were on sale, and we were like, But where do we use them though? And how old are we again? Yada-yada. But yeah, Tuesday night she was like, I have a surprise for you! And I'm like, IS IT FOOD??? Needless to say, I'm the most boring Guessing Game playmate ever hehe. And then I came home to this. Oh my. I love it. It came with velcro vests and protective eyewear OMG OMG. Haha. I feel like a kid. AND IT'S NOT EVEN MY BIRTHDAY. Hearts in my eyes. I love you.

IV. Miscellany

Today, I got told I'm actually a 26-year-old living inside the body of a 30-year-old. Fantastic. Haha. Things I need to do more of: Exercise. Vegetable. Milk. Sleep. Ok body you win.

Currently giving this a whirl: OhLife. Because I'm a dork like that.

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