Ten years hence
(Cut for a random memory)

Here's a random memory I have of you -- a handful of us waiting for our Soc Sci 2 professor to show up for class. Maybe this was a Tuesday. Obviously I'm pretending to study, with Mamu and Ice looking on; while Jay, Therese and Jaycee are serious. Jobert is studying for NatSci700 LOL. John is saying something to Julie that Lawrence didn't catch. Yen's on the look out for Prof. Berja. Alloy is always camera-ready. Cy is checking out the latest logbook entry (OH LOGBOOK OMG). Almi and Mhel are discussing something while Wenz is having a hard time pretending to be candid for this shot. LOL. You crazy kids you.

And now here we are ten or so years later -- after x number of exams and x number of presentations and x number of projects; after x number of weddings and x number of kiddie yebans and x number of heartbreaks and x number of boyfriends and girlfriends. After x number of job shifts, x number of movements between cities, x number of successes and defeats, of disappointments and exceeded expectations.

X NUMBER OF YEARS. Ten years ago, if anybody would tell me something about this life I'm living now, I probably wouldn't have believed them ("You'll be living in Makati with your girlfriend of four years, still seeing the people who matter while keeping a stable job. And oh, you will also be a non-smoker.") -- but man ten years is a long time, isn't it?

Today marks six years since graduation. On this day six years ago, I was sitting in the UP Amphitheater wearing a white skirt and painful shoes. Haha.

Here be a collage of old photos from April 2005:

Bonus! Wahaha old collage is OLD you guys.

Happy grad anniversary you guys! <3


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