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Senior Year
First things first: Andrea and I watched Senior Year this afternoon. We loved it. (Cut for possible spoilers)

I haven't had a local film talk to me so sincerely like Jerrold Tarrog's "Senior Year" in a looooong time -- I wholeheartedly agree with Eliza's review of the film: This is the high school we know (as against, I don't know, Lipgloss) -- where nobody is as he or she seems, and everything is a matter of life and death. Oh man. I love how this school is situated in Alabang, Muntinlupa City (REPREZEEENT) and how their teachers are spot-on (of course top two hottest teachers talaga ang English and SocStud teachers, AMININ YOU GUYS) and oh my god, these kids. (Incidentally: This year marks ten years since graduation from high school for me! I should have watched this with my high school friends haha.)

Anyway. Oh man, high school. I haven't written so much about you, basically because I have nothing much to say. Ashamed to admit the entire grad ball ceremony is, to a great extent, this big blank gap in my head. (I remember going; I remember saying no to someone; I remember my gown. YOU GUYSSSSS gowns. High school balls and proms are so stressful, Jesus, you had to put on make-up and heels and all that. Horrors.) Though I remember rather fondly how sacred the intra-batch cheerleading competition was (did we really walk out when they said it was a tie with the Juniors? Did we? I can't remember; I still have my batch shirt from second year, though.) And lord, those rumors about those cafeteria fights between all those pretty girls (were they ever true? did they really gang up on the new pretty girl when she came in that first day? ah, but they're all together in the pictures on Facebook now; what difference a dozen or so years make!)

Etcetera, etcetera. I don't know. I wish I was more interesting in high school, LOL. Or yeah, I wish there was someone I felt so strongly about so as to send anonymous letters to at the time. Haha.

Anyway. The kids in this cast are AMAZING. We think much of the film's charm is because of them, so kudos, you kids. And also -- huge props to the teachers! Want to know my OTP?
LOL SocStud/English FOREVAH.
(Predictable ship is predictable)
ANYWAY. If they ever would want to make another high school film, this time set in an all-girl school -- we will be forever thankful. YES. :))


On a different note: I set up new yearly index pages at the domain, check them out here. Notepad++ may or may not be my newest best friend.


  1. High school batchmate! :D Kamusta na after 10 years? Hehehe!
    I just watched this yesterday, and could totally relate when I remembered the tragedy of our cheering competition's results. Lalung-lalo na nung sinabi nila sa movie na suportado ng mga teachers ang Juniors. Bakit nga ba teachers sa Juniors ang mga piniling judges? Unfair!!! Hahaha! I don't think we walked out, though. Or did we? I wasn't really very aware of the goings-on in high school outside of my social circle. Though I do remember the cafeteria fights involving the pretty girls. And that the grad ball was very anticlimactic. Mas-fun 'yung mga events leading up to the grad ball rather than the grad ball itself. Hehe!

  2. Ida - Hahahah sobrang big deal ng cheering ano? Ang ridiculous lang haha. Di nga ba tayo nagwalkout? Wala lang, pareho kasi tayo na hindi masyadong aware! haha. Bakit nga ba anti-climactic ang grad ball? Was it after grad na? Sobrang nastress lang ako. Also: Dapat pala nagka-hint na ako dati pa, eh sobrang invested pala ako sa mga away INVOLVING PRETTY GIRLS? Asus! :)

  3. Hahahaha! I didn't know may mga taong invested sa away ng mga pretty girls! :P Though I was one of the the people whom one of them personally apologized to dahil akala yata niya nagalit sa kanya ang buong school.

    Umaga kasi 'yung cheering kaya ang panget ng feeling for the rest of the day kapag hindi kayo ang champions. Pero actually, mas-heartbroken ako na natalo tayo sa English play (The Waves) at Sophomores pa 'yung nanalo kasi maganda 'yung story ng play nila. As if naman tayo 'yung pumipili ng script 'eh assigned lang 'yun ng English teacher. Haha, bitter pa rin ako!?

    Before graduation (Mar30) 'yung grad ball (Mar27) though wala nang pasok nun. Anti-climactic for me kasi wala namang nangyari except 'yung announcement nung king and queen of the night na predictable naman kung sino, and ni hindi kami nakapagpa-picture nung friends ko dun sa official photographer kasi ang kj nung mga kasama ko ayaw maghintay sa pila hehehe! And 'yung giveaway was CD ng supposed songs of our batch pero alam mo namang mga favorite lang nung committee dahil puro R&B. Hehehe!

    P.S. Kasama ka ba nung nagpunta 'yung newspaper and yearbook staff sa Tagaytay nung Mar31?

  4. In retrospect na lang na invested pala ako -- why else would I remember all these things haha. I can't remember na natalo tayo sa English play (as usual hindi na naman ako aware). Ay alala ko isa pang big deal: SONG FEST. Hahaha. Isa pang bigdeal eh no.

    I remember that giveaway CD! Though hindi ko alam kung asan na siya haha oh the humble beginnings of CD WRITERS. Grabe na lang na natandaan mo ang dates! :) Di ko maalala ang Tagaytay haha pero may sakit ako after grad e (right on cue) so malamang hindi. Anong meron? Haha.

  5. SONG FEST! Hahaha! 'Eh 'yung cinancel ang Song Fest nung 4th year dahil nag-aaway-away ang mga section?! Big deal talaga! LOL.

    Wala namang nangyari sa Tagaytay, naalala ko lang kasi na 1 day after graduation 'yun kaya nung mismong graduation 'eh hindi kami feeling senti kila Mrs. Miranda kasi alam naming makikita pa namin siya the day after :P

    Naaalala ko pala 'yung dates kasi akala ko nga big deal sila. Hahaha!

  6. In fairness, nag-enjoy ako sa preps ng songfest noong third year :) Yun din naman talaga yung gang na hanggang ngayon nagkikita pa rin e hehe. Sobrang seryoso, nakaka-stress, nawalan ata ako ng boses somewhere along the way etc at nagka-alaman kung sinu-sino sa mga tao ang me talent sa music haha. Ah yun ba dahilan kung bakit walang songfest ng 4th year? Blessing na rin kasi SOBRANG HAGGARD OK hahaha :) Natawa ako na hindi kayo nasenti dahil magkikita-kita rin naman after. CORRECT. :) sayang wala akong journal entries dating that far back. would have been interesting to review. haha.