kwentuhan lang

(Cut for old school)

Wow, it's been a while since I was last on here -- life's been relatively ordinary and run-of-the-mill since that Bohol trip, and since then I've fallen into the usual things: malling on Sundays and laundry on Mondays and the 12 to 9 roll on weekdays. As expected, even when we're not cooking up anything for the Read-Along, we're suddenly looking at, uh, some 18 sessions before this month ends. WHAT. Haha life, why you crazy :)

Boxing and I have not been friends for a while; I kept wanting to do things on Mondays, like pay the rent or do the laundry or get sealant on my window sill because the rains are fucking crazy these days.

Anyway, between Bohol and today I have gone back to reading. Finished Chuck Palahniuk's "Survivor" -- a kind of quick read, you don't really want to stay on Palahniuk's prose (very unlike the experience of reading something off Atwood -- you want to stay there forever and before you know it, five months have already passed. HAHA STORY OF MY BLIND ASSASSIN LIFE YO) but it's fairly interesting enough. There was a time in my life where I wanted my words to read like Palahniuk's, and well -- I think it was that sort of time. Anyway -- thanks to my sister who gave me this book for Christmas! Look, I finished it before Christmas 2011 (ACCOMPLISHED!)

Right now I'm reading Audrey Niffenegger's "Her Fearful Symmetry" -- it starts out real slow, but once you get to the twins Julia and Valentina, it gets better and I'm actually now halfway through the thing. (And yes--TWINS.)

Also, in between I have managed to discover a CBR viewer that works for my Samsung GalaxyTab -- Perfect Viewer for Android. With this nifty little thing I managed to finish all three volumes of Runaways, which is basically about a group of kids who discover that their parents are part of a secret evil crime group. YES. I loved Volume 2 the best, when they're all grown up and they already have this sort of ~shared history (oh, best place for ANY STORY I tell you) and was thrown a bit off by Volume 3 where the art's at best irregular. Howell.

Movie-wise: Yes, I have seen Transformers 3. Also known as, Enough of the drama, let's blow things up with GIANT ROBOTS OMG. Saw it on 3D cinema with the sibs (haha I'm not even supposed to say this? I think.) and we thoroughly enjoyed it like a group of small boys. HAHA.

So. Ano pa ba nangyari. Oh, I should note that for Fathers' Day I took the fam out to dinner and that's when I sprung the surprise: Oh, have you heard my sister already has a boyfriend? HAHA. This is major news. I felt like I was coming out to them a second time. And as I've said on Facebook, my life experiences are now complete: Told parents about a girl, check. Told parents about a boy, check.

Anyway other things I like doing: Reading things off the #longreads hashtag on Twitter. Recent picks: How To Mend a Broken Heart by Shannon Service, which is about the Museum of Broken Relationships; and The Boy Who Lived Forever by Lev Grossman for TIME, which is about Harry Potter and fan fiction (nice one.)

So for the rest of the year I'm looking at: More rain. Haha :) And more kwento. The other night we were trawling through some old email and we came across some old correspondence circa 2008 and we were talking about this site, serialcomma.net. The site has since closed down, the author now happily married and busy with real life, but I remember that site fondly because she was a good writer and she chronicled her life's ups and downs since 1999 rather beautifully. Sana kasi mas masipag daw ako magsulat haha.

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