life roundup, week ending 7.24

Well -- that was an action-packed week, both work-wise and social life-wise.

In summary: simultaneous reading sessions on National Children's Book Day on Tuesday, the end of so many eras, and an awesome Saturday sports day under cut.

First off -- just a quick note here to say we pulled off 14 read-along sessions simultaneously on Tuesday to celebrate National Children's Book Day. The 14 are among the 41 sessions held in SM malls nationwide that day, plus 3 more in China. I mention this here because preps for this thing dominated my planner for the past month. Hah. Now that we have that over and done with -- YEY.

Speaking of things over and done with -- and so we close a ten-year tradition with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (a.k.a. HP7.2), which I finally watched on Wednesday -- and what more fitting way to do this than with the girls with whom I have watched the previous movies since 2001. (SINCE 2001 GUYS. I FEEL OLD.)

LOL -- watched on Wednesday with Cy, Ice and Drea. Inset: Almi, who wasn't able to join us for that night, but who's also been a part of this experience SINCE 2001 YO. Sabi niya i-photoshop ko raw siya eh. DONE! (Thanks love for taking this photo!)
We'll have to think of another tradition to usher in the next ten years :)

Still on the subject of eras ending - marked Eliza's departure from the section with a simple despedida. Thank you dear, see you around soon. :)

Clockwise from top left: Almi, Me, Lawrence, Jaykie, Eliza, Schatzi and Marielle. Photo gakked from Eliza's blog. It's been a pleasure working with you for the past four years! Onto the next adventure! :)
Saturday was Sports Day -- the UP Maroons lost to La Salle (to quote Schatzi: Ano ba, nanalo lang ng isa, ang taas na ng expectations! -- Sorry naman, tao lang umaasa din haha!) early in the afternoon, and then there was the PBA All-star game vs Kobe et al, which we started in the office and finished in Whistlestop on Jupiter, which eventually turned into a venue for a mini-college block reunion!

L-R: Lawrence, Jaycee, Atty Jobert, Drea, Me, Julie, Cleng
Thanks for coming guys! It was a super fun night! We ordered not one but THREE servings of nachos (haha!) and yelled at the television for the entire hour and a half or so. At one point, Jobert ran into his boss and we thought about behaving, but that plan didn't go too well at all. (Sorry attorney!)

Anyway, the Azkals lost to Kuwait, 3-0, but man the Philippine NT's effort was nothing short of MASSIVE. Bravo guys! Let's show 'em on the 28th!

In all -- a good week. Right now we're looking at the President's State of the Nation Address, and some requisite workplace rearrangements. Exciting times up ahead indeed.

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