new tv: the secret circle

Teenagers with magic powers. CHECK.
Caught the first episode of The Secret Circle over the weekend, and I must say I'm totally spellbound.

Story so far: Tragedy strikes a young girl's life when her mother dies in a fire while home alone. Sixteen-year-old Cassie goes back home to her grandmother, who lives in the town Cassie and her mother left after her father died shortly after her birth. She runs into teenagers in her school and is subsequently subjected to That New Girl treatment -- which apparently includes getting her car set on fire. Yep, these kids are freaky, and despite the fact that they all seem evil to me, I kind of like them. Especially that hot one in a leather jacket. YEP.

So. Secrets? Check. Teenagers running around practicing magic by setting things on fire/causing major storms/making water droplets float in a forest? Check. HOT GIRLS IN LEATHER JACKETS. Yes please.

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