domestic injury time!

Excuse this "baby-book moment" (ever had one of those? you know, the ones pedias used to track your vaccines and your checkups and your prescriptions? I remember my pediatrician telling me when I went to her for a check-up one last time a few months after I turned eighteen: You have to get an adult doctor. Oh well. This is why we self-medicate, guys!)

Just putting a note here: I injured my right knee on Sunday night -- put simply, I was sitting Indian-style on the bed when something heavy dropped upon it by accident. Oh wow. That was a shock. Haha.

Anyway -- first time to encounter such an injury; in the past, I've always injured my ankles. (Remember that latest time I injured my ankle last year when I missed a step and fell down the stairs with laundry? YEP.) So yeah, when I woke Monday morning, I could barely move it. Tried a little dance and it hurt. Huhu. So much for hoping I wouldn't have to see a doctor for it.

And since it was my knee and I haven't injured it before, I figured I should have it x-rayed, for my peace of mind. Which was what I actually wanted to do, but the pleasant guys over at Healthway in Greenbelt 5 told me the Ortho was in and I should just ask him what to do with it. (Turns out it didn't need an x-ray, which is nice since Healthway isn't covered by our office healthcard; it's just conveniently located in a mall.)

The Ortho twisted my leg all sorts and checked for pain. Apparently it's a sprain. Nothing torn, nothing broken. Oh thank god. Here was his explanation:

This is my personal "artist's reimagination" LOL whatever I forgot to ask for the drawing from his pad sayang.
So yes, it should go away in a few days. I should try walking the best way I know how and not, you know, limp around because the muscles around it would cramp if I don't. OKAY. Wag i-baby ang injury. Gotcha.

So far, I think it's getting better. Or maybe it's my knee support (aptly branded, Manly. Tawang-tawa ako, Landmark, pero whatever, it's the cheapest sort on display).

/end baby-book moment. Stay safe, you guys. :)

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