that beeconomic guessing game!

Take the quiz, change your life. FOREVER.

It is rather unavoidable for one to have inexplicably stress-filled afternoons, but here's a fix we discovered just this week: That Beeconomic newsletter that lands in my inbox every afternoon.

Allergic to Groupon offers? Impulsive online buyer with a recently activated PayPal that you've been trying NOT to use? Well. Good thing I've devised a guessing game so you could still enjoy Beeconomic's, um, out-of-this-world offers. (No, seriously -- out. of. this. world.)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Beeconomic, I'm just a regular email subscriber who reads these things instead of letting them go automatically into the spam folder. Haha. :) All in good fun guys!

Mechanics: Guess the DEAL/PRODUCT/WHATEVER THEY'RE TRYING TO SELL using the clues. These things were lifted off VERBATIM from various Beeconomic newsletters. Ok game.

CLUE #1: Before self-defense training classes, heavy bags and wooden boards would sit for months without feeling the warm caress of a clenched human fist. Arm against assailants with today’s Groupon...  [highlight for answer](Mixed Martial arts classes)[/end highlight]

CLUE #2: Along with drowning out the world and keeping ear holes warm, headphones and earphones are brilliant for having a heart-to-heart with your brain. Enjoy music to your ears with today’s Groupon... [highlight for answer](Earphones)[/end highlight]

CLUE #3: Pistons and shafts overheat and seize up unless protected by a slick, shiny coating of oil, just like classical Greco-Roman wrestlers. Keep your engine parts from throttling each other with today's Groupon... [highlight for answer](Periodic car maintenance)[/end highlight]

CLUE #4: Some of nature’s gifts are just plain undesirable, such as bird flu, monsoons, and younger siblings. Nurture your unwanted nature with today’s Groupon: [highlight for answer](Hair removal treatment)[/end highlight]

CLUE #5: Like the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys, fingers and toes perform best in groups of five, dressed in matching colors, rejuvenated and healthy. Pamper your appendage quintets with today’s Groupon: [highlight for answer](Hand and foot spa treatment)[/end highlight]

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