midweek round-up, 11.09

Undas 2011. Requisite "Hi mom" photo. Hi mom.
This better be a quick one because I am up to here in plans: In the tradition of Outdoing Ourselves with Every Outing, the ever creative Read-Along team is putting up a two-day marathon of reading events (this, from last year's oh, let's do 25 of them nationwide AT THE SAME TIME.) by the end of the month, so until then I'll be, let's say, a bit all over the place. I can't wait for December. Seriously.

Just a rundown of things -- spent Undas 2011 with the family, watched the pseudo-MGB Halloween special (pseudo because it's not MGB, just something that Kabayan happened to host, hehe, but in all a good effort, that) then reported for work on Nov 1st, because it was a Tuesday.

On Nov. 1, my Research brethren and I did a bit of a Halloween photo shoot: (The rest under cut, for your own good hehe)
L-R: Me with my Fantastic Five: Marielle with that fantastic look in her eye, Schatz with fantastic wig, Almi with fantastic boots (not in photo haha), Ana with fantastic eye makeup and Lawrence, who actually came to work without a costume hmpf
My costume is a cross between a Vietnamese Kung Fu Panda and a Landmark guard, but what the hell. Thanks love for letting me borrow this costume!

Since the downtime for Halloween, life's been abuzz with last-minute preps for the Read-Along Festival and the insanity of actually having two other sessions for November. Insane, I tell you. Hehehe brb laughing in the corner.

Also worth noting: I showed up for the interview with DLSU MBA faculty yesterday. I was fucking nervous, but I think the people there were nice enough to not let on that they actually noticed. Hehehe. If I were to be completely honest, this time last year I wouldn't have even thought about going back to school, but oh well, you know what they say -- I've gone this far, what's a little bit more, right? :)  

Nanowrimo update: I am currently flailing sub-10k, and that is unacceptable, I know, but I'm trying okay! :)

We're marking mom's 14th death anniversary this Saturday, and as usual, I'm spending it at work. Just putting it on here -- I always check eh. So yeah, here's a note right here, all right.
Other things: We like 2 Broke Girls, I loved Puss in Boots (meowrrr), and I always see your boyfriend in the hallway since their office moved some floors. Yep.

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