we interrupt this program: lost girl

I am in love with this doctor. Yep. I love how she wears her confusion on her proverbial sleeve. Fantastic, Zoie Palmer. Fantastic. I love your face. Also: In any given show, I always fall in love with the girl... who reminds me of me. #fact
And now for an even briefer news round-up, just to get my journalist-y feelings out of the way: This day has been insane I tell you -- in the morning the Commission on Elections voted to charge former president and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Arroyo with electoral sabotage in connection with the alleged rigging of the 2007 senatorial election results in Maguindanao. And then the Pasay RTC released an arrest warrant for her. ALL IN THE SAME DAY. I mean, this never happens in this country, really. By 6:30 p.m. we were watching the cops say they'd just served the warrant in a fucking hospital. Unbelievable. It's like Grey's Anatomy and Law & Order rolled into one. Just saying.

OKAY. Now we have that out of the way. Care for a little Doccubus action?

Speaking of insanity: How fantastic was this latest episode of Lost Girl season 2 huh? That meat butcher guy was scary (yep, Lost Girl really doesn't pull its punches re: these disgusting demons) and the whole Hale/Kenzi thing was wayyyy off the charts (I will Ship That! Burning I tell you!) plus hihi Kenzi killing someone with coffee! ("Who doesn't drink coffee? It's not a drink, it's a hug!" Oh Lost Girl. I love you. You're like my Buffy now. No blasphemy intended.)

So yeah, so Bo and Lauren walk into this Lich party (I can't even -- a lick party? Can the innuendos be any more subtler, writers? LOL) and this Lich guy gets pissed and since he's into the business of experiencing things (he's on the right track; if I were to live forever, experiencing extraordinary things is certainly on top of my list) he wants to experience the utter unbridled passion of a Succubus feeding off a human.

But yeah, since Bo isn't into making out with an audience, she declines. Lich has her injured via gunshot to the stomach, but then when she's still unwilling to feed, Lich drags Lauren onto the dinner table (I can't even -- really? Can I actually be able to watch an entire Lost Girl ep without all these inappropriate thoughts about Lauren? No? Okay.) and puts a knife at her throat.

AND THEN SOMETHING AMAZING HAPPENS. Bo goes all blue-eyed, and in something very very VERY FAMILIAR -- think Primeval from Buffy Season 4 -- she sucks all the chi out of the Lich's zombie vessels in the room and, speaking in a creepy voice, says something that might be rather crucial later on. (No dark, no light -- only Me. Oh man, just thinking about this foreshadowing -- deliciousss.)

Anyway. So Lauren sneaks Bo into the lab to see Nadia. Remember Nadia? Lauren's comatosed girlfriend? Well, Lauren thought Nadia fell ill amidst an epidemic while they were obviously honeymooning in Congo. (Oh Jesus, my feelings about this are all over the place.) Apparently, Nadia isn't sick -- she's been cursed. And all they have is this weird looking Nail that'd been turned over by the Morrigan.

And Bo's like, Don't worry. I'll help you. You'll get Nadia back. We'll bring her back to life. And I'm like -- I CAN'T EVEN, BO. Ngh.

Apparently, Dr Lauren is similarly conflicted and I really have to tell you: Watch this episode from start to finish, and tell me that that kiss at the end of it doesn't do things to your system. Really. I love the lighting and I love the way Lauren's like, Jesus why are you so amazing? at Bo and she's all conflicted and Life is so hard I have a girlfriend but she's in a coma and you're here and alive and not to mention great in bed. NGHHH.

In Summary: So many FEELINGS. I love this show SO HARD.

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