and at once, i knew

... i was not magnificent.

BON IVER "Holocene" from nabil elderkin on Vimeo

Damn, this Bon Iver video is beautiful.

Feeling under the weather over the weekend -- I'm guessing a sort of virus caused the sore throat, which in turn caused my fever (low grade, I guess. I hit 38 last night, but am back to 36-point-something when I checked this morning).

Anyway, I'm hoping I get none of those fluctuating things, because fevers that fluctuate mean I have to haul myself to the hospital to have my blood checked and I haven't been in a hospital in forever so please, Body, just work with me here. Okay?


Other things that have shaken the past few days:

- Did a read-along session with Atom Araullo for Doña Teodora Alonzo's 100th death anniversary. Here be a gratuitous photo of myself with reader LOL.
LOL shaky photo is shaky. Taken by the boss.

- Currently reading: Nine Planets without Intelligent Life -- description via @Brainpicker: "A philosophical road comic about two unemployed robots on an interplanetary voyage of self discovery." // I mean, it had me at 'two unemployed robots'. Just sayin'.

- Here be Mr Jun Engracia's account re: Ironman 70.3: Life lessons learned from the tail-end. We're still debating re: his age -- the INQUIRERSports twitter put it at 68! We're still in disbelief. HAHA.

- On Thursday, UP LOST TO FEU AFTER BEING IN THE LEAD FOR ALL THREE QUARTERS. Jesus Christ, Maroons. A basketball game has FOUR QUARTERS. What is heartbreak.

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