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I've had my Samsung GalaxyTab since February this year and these days I've been using it for doing basically everything on the go -- keeping up with social networks, taking and sharing photos, syncing docs with my home and office desktops, reading comic books and ebooks and even a bit of word processing on the side.

In light of Eliza's recent purchase of a Galaxytab (and her subsequent plea on Twitter for app recs), here are the stuff I use more often. Under cut---

(Ang hirap-hirap-hirap hindi mag-flail. Kailangan daw respectable ang tono ko para galangin. ANYWAY.)

Link at Android Market here

So here's how my mornings look like -- upon waking, I reach over for my Tab and fire up Tweetdeck to check if I've missed anything while I was sleeping. I'll never run out of love for Tweetdeck, really -- it manages both my private timeline (where I follow friends) and my public timeline (where I follow news outfits, etc) and a few other hashtags I follow (the #longreads hashtag is an easy favorite).

Link at Android Market here

Sure there's an installed Browser, but I still prefer my Firefox.

Link at Android Market here
If you don't have Dropbox yet, you should consider getting an account here.

The thing I like best about having Dropbox around is the fast and easy syncing it facilitates across multiple desktops. I have it here in my home PC, and in my office PC and I have it in my Tab. It works when I have to take work home (just save it in my Dropbox folder located on my office PC desktop, wait for 10 secs for it to sync, access it at home yay), or when I have to transfer small files like photos from Tab to PC (if for printing or inclusion in Powerpoint presentations -- trust me, the things I've actually managed to pull off using this). Also -- download ebooks off net using my PC, save PDF/epub in my Dropbox, read it in my Tab later. Perfect.

Perfect Viewer
Link at Android Market here

I finished a couple of comic books using this app. Very easy to use and does not hang every time.

Instafetch Lite
Link at Android Market here 

Sometimes I come across longreads on Twitter while browsing on my Tab and want to read it for later so I just let the whole thing load, click the site logo on the top left of the page near the URL and choose to share the page to Instafetch, where I can download it later for reading. I think you have to have an Instapaper account -- which is for when you're on the PC when you discover things to read for later.

ThinkFree Office
Link at Android Market here

When I purchased my Tab, I think it already had this. Nifty on the go word processor, if you're into that kind of thing.

Vignette Demo
Link at Android Market here

If you're looking for something Instagram-ish. Haha. Most of my baguio2011 photos were taken using this app. Easy sharing too -- just choose share preview and choose Tweetdeck. Voila.

Link at Android Market here

Still tinkering around with this app. So far we are liking that "Back to 1839" effect and grids. Oh, an opportunity for a gratuitous photo of myself using this app! HERE:
Used the Back to 1839 filter + 4grid. Pwede na.

Link at Android Market here


As for games: Angry Birds, Blast Monkeys, Words with Friends, Robotek HD. Haha. :) I may have missed a few though? What do you use in your Tabs guys? Share naman jan! :)

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