the mid-month update

Just a few notes on this month -- halfway through August, and I just wanted to grab a few photos off Facebook and put them under cut. Heto na naman ang caption-based blog entry making haha.

Caught "Ang Babae sa Septic Tank" early this month and loved it! We're still doing quote-offs to this day ("Nice. Nice talaga.") Not to mention -- this was absolutely the ~perfect bunch to watch it with -- you crazies ILU. L-R: Andrea, Jaycee, Marielle, Jaykie, Schatzi, Eliza, Me, Ice, Almi, Elvin, JM, Abi, Lawrence. Sa Zombadings ulit!
This photo nicked off Almi's Facebook. Thank you!
Met up in Shangri-La for this month's Angels' night! The Big Story haha kilig all around! ILU girls. L-R: Almi, Ice, Cy, Me. This photo also nicked off Almi's Facebook account. Maraming salamat! :)

LOL WHAT IS THIS I CAN'T EVEN. August 10th we had a special read-and-bake-along with master cake maker Penk Ching. YOU GUYS SHE IS AWESOME. THAT POT IS EDIBLE IT IS FONDANT. Well, not all of it, but the surface man. It is sweet. This session made me feel like a kid. Thanks Ms Penk for letting me borrow your hat, for making time for the kids and especially for making beautiful cakes, please never ever stop EVER.
This photo nicked off Ruth Navarra's Facebook. My Facebook is half-"photos of me with friends" and half-"photos of me in Read-Along." TRUTH.
Now that we have these ridiculous photos out of the way.

A train story, sort of.

That day I met the girls in Shang, I decided to ride the train. I figured, it's Shang anyway and I could just get off at Shaw Station and walk into the mall. When I got on the platform, the rush-home crowd was already thick,so I told myself -- patience.

When the first train came it was already full to begin with, but still the people insisted on fitting themselves into the gaps. I hung back, thinking I could catch the next train -- only the current train was taking forever to get going. Ten, fifteen, thirty minutes, then the girl on the PA system was announcing a power interruption at GMA Kamuning station, and that they had no information what time the train will start functioning again.

I found myself laughing inwardly at my luck.

So naturally, the people in the trains proceeded to file out, emptying the train slowly. Soon I found myself alone on the platform, facing an open door and a still relatively full train. I figured I could wait. I wasn't in a hurry, was I.

It took all of four paragraphs for me to get here, but here it is -- I was looking around on the platform and there you were.


Of course, of all places, on the train. You were standing a few doors down from where I was and there was no way you would have seen -- too far for your poor eyes. I remember that time you told me about your high school prom, when you had to go without glasses and contacts and you had to memorize the color of everyone else's dresses because there was no way you'd recognize them otherwise.

The shirt I had on that day was very much post-you; my old college clothes barely fit me anymore, so.

I'm still stuck at of all places, on the train. How very Wong Kar Wai of you, and I was still smiling to myself when the doors closed a few minutes later and the train moved and there it is -- one moment, an open door, and the next -- gone. Just like that.

The next train arrived a few moments later. It was spacious and comfortable, and -- the entire metaphor is not lost on me Universe, it really isn't.

I told Andrea about the incident that night and she was like, TEXT HER! Haha. My girlfriend the little troublemaker :P (For all I know that wasn't you, and all of it's just fiction in my head. Either way, well and good.)


That old campus.

And another -- so yesterday I was in UP to get my transcript. (I'm mulling over several options in my head, all of which involve things akin to making hollow blocks and hitting myself over the head with them. Haha.) Needless to say, I spent much of the day lost, trying to figure out where all the jeepneys go these days. Apparently, Monday is the new Wednesday, so I just figured, oh fuck it, I'll walk.

Oh man, lugging around all this weight is stressful. I'm thankful I was x number of kilos lighter in college because oh my poor knees. Haha. I walked to the new OUR beside the Diliman Police, then walked back to the jeepney route near the Amphitheater to ride a jeep to the PNB Bldg behind the Shopping Center, and then I kept looking for a Toki and I figured, all right, I'll get any jeep na lang. I ended up walking again. I still feel all that effort on my knees right this moment. Haha.
So lakad-lakad, ganyan. Nakikinig ng Bon Iver habang naglalakad, ang drama ko lang. Hindi masyadong mataas ang araw kahit tanghali, hindi rin naman umulan, pero tangina ang init. Buhos ng pawis kung buhos. Muni-muni sa buhay, etc, interspersed with tangina ang sakit na ng tuhod ko. Haha.

Dumaan ako ng Film Center (lol regarding it in that quiet way people looked at tombstones in cemeteries -- here lies the remains of my eighteen-year-old innocence LOL) tapos lumamon nang matagal sa Choco Kiss, mag-isa. Keri lang, hihinga lang.

Hay, UP. Once upon a time, I knew you so well.

Anyway -- I met Julie and her QC-beat mates afterwards in Cafe Quezon on Maginhawa. Thank you for the laughs and the quick ride guys! :) In all a good field trip day hehe :)

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