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Andrea Corr in a bathtub in the middle of a grassy field.
(And yes, if you recognize that quote from somewhere, please just -- let it be. Hahaha.)

(Obsession under cut)

October 16, 2011. Also known as a SUNDAY
That the girlfriend's name is also Andrea, by the way, is a coincidence. =) Anyway, so I'm looking forward to watching this Andrea with my Andrea come October. Before sleeping, we were like, Let's see how much we remember from that time we were addicts and of course, did I really expect to trump my girlfriend's Corr obsession? OF COURSE NOT. Haha.I lost, predictably -- she owned original cassettes of Forgiven not Forgotten and Talk on Corners. Not even my original VCD of their concert at Lansdowne Road could beat that.

Here, have a couple shit ton of videos:

What Can I Do
Things that give me feelings: Andrea Corr looking at me like that while sitting in the back of that car; Caroline Corr hitting the drums while wearing a cowboy hat; Sharon Corr's cheek bones, in general. (And, sige na nga, Jim Corr's sideburns -- because, hello?) And oh my God that landscape. This was New Zealand btw, in 1998.

A relatively less-popular track, but I happen to love this song.
Also -- clips used are actually from the Runaway official video (which is my favorite song)
Also, also -- I can watch Andrea Corr drink from a mug ALL DAY. Really. Oh my God, woman, why are you so attractive?

I Never Really Loved You Anyway
Haha I remember waiting for this to play on MTV.
(Remember that time we didn't have YouTube and we actually had to wait?)
Anyway, how incredulous is it that girls who are this gorgeous have to sing this song, yes? Haha. Anyway -- Andrea's smug face is giving me all sorts of giddy feelings. Just sayin'.

Only When I Sleep
Oh my god, they all look so young here. But yeah -- Andrea Corr and all that seductive staring while leaning against the wall and lounging in bed. See you in my dreams nga raw. O sha sige, kitakits. =)
Also -- oh my god, how do you ever produce sisters this attractive, really. HOW?

Also an MTV classic. Ohai Andrea's little black dress. And multiple ear piercings. I can't even.
Also -- check out those oriental fonts on Caroline's bodhran (naks, niresearch haha)

Long Night
I was like, What? I was looking for "One Night" (which the girlfriend hates -- for the record, I love One Night, even if really sounds like a song you'd hear in a beer house -- brb adding this pala to my Songs to Striptease To MIXTAPE OMG)
Anyway, back to Long Night -- Hey. Because I'm predictable, I'm going to go ahead and say I liked this. Video looks like It's All Coming Back to Me Now and oh Lord, Andrea Corr's brief acting stint here -- SO MANY FEELINGS YOU GUYS. Also -- Oh my god the violin in this is AWESOME. (Attn: Krista)

Runaway (Live at Lansdowne Road)
Where Andrea trails off occasionally because the crowd knows the song by heart. You gotta love it when that happens no? Also giving me feelings: Andrea's red top, her half-teary "You are so fantastic!"-comment at the crowd at the 1:30 mark, Sharon's dimple and braids, Jim's surprisingly attractive glasses (LOL) and Caroline playing the piano (a rare treat -- just how many instruments do they play anyway Christ), Andrea's insanely seductive dancing at 3:35.

And by way of ending -- a May 2011 interview with The Telegraph: "I never wanted to sing again."

10 a.m. edit: OH MY GOD ANO TO. Hahaha kidding. I just wanted to note: "Hopelessly Addicted" (Forgiven not Forgotten, 1995) and "Long Night" (Borrowed Heaven, 2004) sound nothing like each other  and absolutely worlds apart (see below.)

Hopelessly Addicted

Long Night

--just proves to show that yes, you sound different when you're younger (but not automatically worse, imo. I loved their earlier stuff... more.)

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