because the best things in life are Libre!

To cap the party season we had Libre's "toned down"/"subdued" party on Thursday!

To summarize: Beer, giant pizza, truncated Christmas songs (Free app kasi! Hanggang fifth day of Christmas lang haha!), Ang Siko ni ZsaZsa, a makeshift photobooth, limpak-limpak na PASABOG (mahaha) and of course -- endless videoke! I got home around 5 a.m. -- feeling nineteen! (cue Tegan and Sara here)

ANYWAY: A few photos to illustrate the night, if you please. (Thanks to Almi and Mau for the photos!)

(Under cut)

Nagtaka kami kung ano yung printouts ni Ritche -- yan pala yun!
Of course, full force na naman ang Research -- no. 1, even in parties haha. Thanks for hosting us, Libre!
L-R Lawrence, Schatz, Ana, Marielle, Almi, Me, Libre Tarp.

Whee headgears! Almi, Me, Carla, Schatzi, Erika, Mr Postman, Mau/Karen, Pen with bow

Orayt anong oras na tong picture na to!
Clockwise from me: Almi, Marielle, Ana, Erika, Schatzi, Jaycee (HOY! Special guest haha), Penny

Uy before I forget: We had the Research Department Christmas Party-slash-Ms Medy's Despedida on Wednesday!
We gifted her with a Page One Mockup and a Libre spread, thanks to the awesome Arts Dept and Ritche.
L-R Top: Ate Ellen, Ate Malou, Ta Nitz
L-R Middle: Almi, Rox, Odeng, Sherryl, Ma'am, Ana, Schatzi, Marielle, Me, Lawrence
Seated: Our special guests with the Lady of the Hour, Ms Medy
12.25 EDIT! - Eh yung may Part 2 pa pala yung camera ni Mau?!
Pucha ang hirap magcaption ng may direction. In this photo: Carla, Jun, Penny, Schatzi, Mau, Me, Ana, Armin, Almi, Erika, Marielle, Rissa, Lawrence, Ritche.

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