we interrupt this program: lost girl 2.12

It's our favorite succubus' birthday, and if there's anything Buffy has taught me, it's that birthdays are never good days. Le Sigh.

Anyway, this is why I shouldn't be left alone watching things. By myself. With wine in the fridge. I need to cuddle huhu.

Oh, Bo. Come, cuddle.

(Cut for spoilers. And FEELINGS.)

Starting off by saying -- I CAN'T EVEN, BO. NGH.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, a rundown:

Kenzi is planning a super secret surprise birthday party for Bo! But don't let this cute intro fool you. It's always a bad sign.

Speaking of -- Meanwhile. The Ash has taken Lauren out of the Bartolina and into his conference room, to tell her he's read the Old Ash's journal and has now found out who put the curse on Lauren's girlfriend, Nadia: The Old Ash himself, apparently in an effort to trap Lauren into finding the cure for the epidemic that was killing off Fae at the time. (Cue Lauren's distressed face; Everything has been a lie! Oh my God I wanted to hug everyone in this episode.) -- Aside: Interestingly, Lost Girl inserts here the curious and ever debatable question, Does the end ever really justify the means? Curious.

So apparently the New Ash has located the Shaman somewhere in Congo, but that the Shaman is Dark, which means the New Ash can't do anything about it. Which also means: Let's talk to Bo who's Unaligned, but for some reason, Lauren doesn't mention her, but then she's been in the dungeon for FOUR DAYS and isn't thinking straight (LOL straight *weak laugh* whatever, this episode gutted me okay)

The Ash goes ahead and talks to Bo anyway but prohibits her from speaking with Lauren or informing Lauren, saying that it might hamper the curse's lifting (which I think is a lie, mostly; only an opinion though) so Bo goes to this quirky travel agent who kind of just teleports her to Congo (and uses fancy jargon like, I fold the earth -- Really now.)

In Congo, Bo meets the Shaman, who shows her a wooden post literally riddled with cursed nails. I kid you not. He says he'll help Bo identify and remove Nadia's nail from the post provided she comes to him with this mask stolen by this insatiably greedy Fae, etc. (Another interesting aside: The Shaman mentions that none of the curses have been made lightly, and that each nail on the wooden post has shifted the luck of other people, etc. I love the emphasis on Everything's connected -- because, as recent personal happenings have indicated, YES THEY FUCKING ARE, OKAY.)

Anyway, the search for the greedy Fae brings Bo to catacombs in Madagascar with Dyson as backup, and I'm like, WHY AREN'T THERE ANY ANIMALS IN THIS EPISODE? *sadface* Then there's this thing with destructive sand and the curse of this greedy Fae that everything disintegrates upon his touch, yada-yada, but I can't be bothered to analyze that since I'm too heartbroken already. ANYWAY.

Long story short, Bo gets the mask, goes back to Congo, pulls out Nadia's cursed nail. That would've been the end of it, but oh, Bo and her honest interpretation of fairness and justice -- too honest, too shortsighted. I was as horrified as the Shaman when she started pulling out other nails -- if everything is interconnected I can only wonder whose fates Bo just managed to alter just then. Chills, bbs. Chills.

Back in the laboratory, Lauren is talking to Nadia who's still in a coma -- guys how heartbreaking is it to see someone talking to this unresponsive shell? TOO HEARTBREAKING and then--AND THEN--things just start glowing, and before I know it BAM.

Nadia's awake.

(That said, I'll refrain from commenting on her looks as it will probably be distracting and not helpful.)

And oh my God, their faces. Lauren's face that mix of surprise and awe and longing and oh my God just. ZOIE PALMER. And oh, Nadia's face, so open and innocent and happy.

And oh my God, Bo's face when she comes in through the door and sees Lauren and Nadia kissing. Oh my God, pakipulot yung puso ko nalaglag sa floor.

Oh my God.

Bo's like -- I nearly got myself killed to bring my prospect's girlfriend back in her life. Tangina namaaaaaaan.

Which brings me to -- Oh Lauren, bless your persevering heart. I don't get the backlash elsewhere on the Internet saying that the show's writing for Lauren has been inconsistent. It's been one of the most accurately human portrayals I've ever seen, and perhaps that's why it's, in a matter of speaking, inconsistent? IDK.

She's been waiting five years for this moment. I cannot for the life of me imagine how hard that is. I've got no info as to how long they were actually together before Nadia fell into that cursed coma; but oh my God, how torturous have the years been for Lauren, really? And then one day years later she meets someone like Bo, who's kind and awesome and great in bed, and they're getting this connecting thing going rather well, and then BAM something of this magnitude happens and.

And the thing about Bo is that she's got a lot of things going on for her. (I'd love to read something where she and Buffy totally share a birthday and get trapped together with lots of alcohol.) Not that I should blame her for that, but if I were to choose between someone who's positively devoted to me owing to our history together, and someone fresh and alluring, I'd definitely... tangina, I love how delicious Lauren's problem is RIGHT NAO.

And oh, that kiss. So tender and just this huge I-miss-you OVER AND OVER (And really, FIVE YEARS?? I greet my girlfriend this way AT THE END OF THE DAY. Huhu. Feelings.)

It's LOADS different from this kiss, which is all, I'm conflicted, just kiss me.

I CAN'T. And not rooting for Nadia kind of makes me feel like an asshole or something.

BUT BO. Bo got that nail out for you. Nearly got killed for you. And really, as if I hadn't been gutted enough by that scene, Lauren goes ahead and BRINGS Nadia to Bo's surprise party and I'm like, I'm so proud Bo didn't just walk out of the thing altogether. Apparently, here's a girl that handles surprises well.

And all around her, people start pairing up, and Dyson keeps dropping the, "What are friends for?" phrase and I'm like, what is it with exes insisting re being friends? (/slight self-insert, beside the point.)

Lauren doesn't even address the issue, which is actually very Lauren -- overly polite, don't want to ruin your birthday but I can't not be beside my newly resurrected girlfriend for obvious reasons, but here's a gift to protect yourself with (a pointy star slash dagger) because I care about you. And look I dressed up for this occasion. (I approve so hard, btw)

And Bo just... pulls herself together and gets herself through the night looking fantastic, and I just. I can't. Dyson has Chiara, Lauren has Nadia, and Kenzi has this total guitar-toting cutie named Nate. And Bo's in the middle of the room, opening her gifts -- various weapons LOLLL -- and drinks her wine.

And THAT my friends is how you handle birthday blues.


Incidentally this episode comes A WEEK before my birthday hah. Let's hope I don't share her birthday luck. =)

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