party (fuel) rock: make your own (editorial) party

Editorial peeps pitched in to hold a simple Christmas party in the office on Tuesday night -- simple but thoroughly fantastic, btw, even if I didn't win anything at the raffle-slash-Sendong fund raiser.
As always, the best part about any Editorial party: Old and new friends, TOGETHER! So fantastic to see some "alumni" in the house!

Also: Back due to insistent public demand: Party Fuel cocktails.

(Photos under cut! Thanks to Almi for letting me gak some of hers!)

Tumba Party Fuel Gang, Editorial Party Edition. In this photo: Jaykie, Eliza, Lawrence, Francis, Denison, Jun, Erika, Jovic, Penny, Almi, Cy, Anelle, Fran, Schatzi, Me, Kim, Jo, Ana and Marielle. ANDAMI NYO GAIS.
Researchers 2005 to present (with Jaykie!). In photo: Eliza, Cy, Lawrence, Marielle, Schatzi, Almi, Ana, Me.

LOL multiple cameras FTW!

Party Fuel!

Waiting for our respective lucks: Ang sinwerte lang sa photo na ito -- si Schatzi at si Princess. Next year mahahawa na ako sa raffle luck na ito! :)

Sabawan ulit sa may printer.

L-R Lawrence, Me, Almi, Marielle best in pose, Schatzi

With lovely PDI alumni! Me, Almi, Abi, Eliza, Cy, Edson, Lawrence. So fantastic to see you again guys! :)

Work hard, party harder.

UNIBERSIDAD! Jo, Lawrence, Me, Almi, Edson, Abi, Penny

L-R Lawrence, Cy, Almi, Me, Edson

At the Presidential Table haha: Marielle, Almi, Aby, Me, Carla, Jun, Jovic, Din, Rissa, Lawrence, Penny. Foreground: Denison. Haha.

With Almi. Merry Christmas, gais! I'm not as drunk as this photo implies! Heee.

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