last friday night

The Inquirer turned 26 yesterday! Aaaaand as has been the tradition for seven straight years now, we usher in the December party season with the Grand Anniversary Party!

But before that, here be the Inquirer's Page One and the readership survey we wrote for the issue. :)

We're Number One!

And before we proceed to illustrations of last Friday night (heh), a summary: We ate, we laughed, we cheered (Editorial won! Nice one guys!), we danced like we were in a workout class, and more importantly: we drank.


(cut for photos!)

We have seen the future. Schatz, me, Marielle, B.D. (Before Drinks LOL)
Me, Ana, Schatz, Marielle pang-notebook! With Party Fuel and Ice Cream!
With Bianca. Nakainom ka ba Biancs? =/
Party Fuel cocktails! Sweet lord.
I love your laughing faces girls. Not in photo: Lawrence on the floor.
Merry Christmas from Research! Me, Almi, Schatz, Ana, Marielle, Lawrence (YOUR FACE IS PRICELESS BRO)
Yo hoo(d)ligans in the hauuuuuus.
This is the Future. Resistance is futile. Also: Those metallic shoulder pads are awesome.
Partyyyy with Jaykie and Elizaaaaa (and Kim!) wooohooooo
Tumba Party Fuel Gang. Anong Petsa Na Tayo Umuwi 2011. With Din, Erika, Abi, Jun and Denison
ILU GAIS. See you sa Editorial Party. Ano, kunin natin yung Mobile Bar? HAHAHAHA.

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