life roundup, week ending 2.12

This week started out normally enough with boxing on Monday.

After my dismal attempt at doing things earlier, I'm back to the 2 p.m. sched with my old trainor who says things like, "30 seconds na lang KAYA PA YAN" whenever I look like my lungs are already askew or something. We've somehow reached the point where I'm comfortable enough to actually yell at him, as I do when out of breath (old basketball habits die hard). I've never missed a Monday since starting last month and I don't intend to, and I really wish I could train more than once a week for serious. Also, Monday I found ~the jump rope that's meant for me -- just the right length plus the right body rhythm = OTP. Yep.

That night I met Andrea at the Ayala Triangle, where she jogged a bit, and I ate Bon Chon chicken because chicken and I are friends again.

The normalcy of the week ended there.

Tuesday morning I awoke to a phone call from my father telling me that former Chief of Staff Angelo Reyes had just been shot dead. My father has this curious habit of updating me with news so early in the morning -- well, he likes news and fortunately, one of the kids he raised is into news, hehe. So I woke up and got ready for a long day, and it was a long and heavy day and I think the heaviness is still with me. My first thought was he'd been ambushed, but as later reports showed, he shot himself in the chest in an apparent suicide. Died with a bullet through the heart, in a manner of speaking. Much has been said about how the suicide was related to recent exposes about corruption in the military, and I've already read all sorts of responses to his suicide covering the entire spectrum of feeling. I just wish him peace, is all. To me it's kind of a sobering perspective check, if you get my drift. After all, what's millions of money compared to a human life? *shrug* I thought so too.

Wednesday, Andrea's grandmother died. It's been only months since her grandfather (her grandmother's husband) passed, and well, I think they've both lived a long full life here and now they're onto their next adventure and now they can be together again. Andrea has been with her family since then, and I miss her terribly.

(So I'm just gonna sit here and behave with as minimal alcohol as possible until she comes back.)

Also that night, the Azkals trumped Mongolia, 2-0. SWEET. As a country we've been sorta discovering football as a national sport of sorts, and that game at Panaad in Bacolod was fantastic.

Thursday started very early with a trip to the DFA to get my passport application over and done with; I've been putting it off for so long, and now I've finally done it. It wasn't as horrible as expected, though I think my mugshot is still horrible. (The girl who took my photo was rather pretty and I think I got kind of shy, LOL)

Friday I covered a Read-Along session in St Joseph's in QC, where I met a girl who starred in Lipgloss (YESSSS) and then discovered how sweet Kjwan's frontman Marc Abaya actually is. We were doing the post-event interview and he said something about loving kids and wanting to have a lot of them, and LOL I don't know why I was actually flustered, Christ. For half a minute there, I was such a girl. But only for half a minute. Please do not revoke my lesbian license.

Incidentally, Friday was also, shockingly, the last episode of ShoutOut, a youth-oriented program-slash-talent show that we've been avidly following in the office. I mean, I knew it was about to be taken off the air sooner or later, but I didn't know it was going to be THAT soon. Heartbreak, that's what it is. Oh well, some good things just never last. Le sigh.

Today was spent mostly trawling old newspapers, what with the Edsa revolution turning 25 this year. Old newspapers/me = OTP.

Other things that have gone down this week: Finished all thirteen eps of the first season of TV series "Lost Girl" finally -- I was immediately enamored when I finished the first ep, because to me it's a mix of several favorites like Buffy, Charmed and Veronica Mars, not to mention that the lead girl Bo is, ahem, sexually fluid. I also have a ridiculous crush on a blonde doctor named Lauren. One of these days I'll do a massive picspam of all her adorable shy genius faces because, mother of god she is so adorable.

Also watching: Pretty Little Liars (goddamn it Emily Fields, why are you so perfect), both editions of Skins (UK - so visually stunning, US - I am only holding on to you for Sofia Black d'Elia), Glee (wow I am actually amused again).

(Actually the point of this entire post was SHOUTOUT. I just had to disguise my intentions well, LOL.)

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