momox 2011: a mix

Because Claire is actually looking forward to it (LOL) and because someone might use it for a commercial shooting somewhere (LOLOLLL) here it is -- this year's makeout mix.

And LOOK I actually made ~art for it. Yes.

Advanced Happy Valentine's, you guys. ♥

(under cut: art/tracklisting, download link)

Notes, notes, notes:
This year's mix is obviously all over the place --
from old reliables (Metric, Broken Social, Bloc Party, Florence)
to Lip Service's OST (mmmm Knut)
to Far East Movement (yes yes yes please)
to Adele's fantastic cover of Lovesong to (ehem) N.E.R.D.
Because I'm hip like that. Okay, carry on.
[download link]

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