life roundup, week ending 2.19

Things you didn't already know about this week under cut.

Girls and I were at the UP Fair on Thursday and I don't have pictures of it LOL.

2/20 7:30PM EDIT: Here be a photograph of that night that I gakked from here:

You and I -- we'll be young FOREVER
Taken at the Sunken Garden by Kim, thank you! :)

We had a blast. After failing to get a proper UP Fair experience for the past couple of years, we finally managed to do it right this year (I just totally typed, reclaim the golden years HAHA) with Katy Perry's song of the good old days between 16 and 20 (HAHA) in our heads.

Things we did: Catch Franco, Kamikazee and Parokya ni Edgar live (LOL Parokya totally started playing "Halaga" and we were like, "YEHEY SONGS CIRCA EARLY 2000s! LET'S CLOSE THE AGE GAP!"), eat scramble (Thank you for the lovely birthday treat, btw), play in the perya (LOL took home Ice's Nagaraya FTW) AND -- AND! Get on one of the rides. Oh yes. Cy managed to narrowly escape this one (haha) -- it was something like the Flying Fiesta.

If anybody would ask me how it felt like sitting on a swing while being hurled around while slowly picking up speed for what, a couple of minutes? I'd say it was just like a religious experience. HAHAHA. I wish I had blurry pictures of the night as I saw it while whirling, but I was so afraid of dropping my phone. When the ride ended, I couldn't feel my knees. Haha I'm such a wimp.

Anyway. And oh, I met Julie and exchanged packages by the exit. Hehe. Her pasta is AWESOME, you guys. :)) How am I ever going to lose some weight when I'm surrounded by girls who cook really well?! :))


Spent Friday getting intimate with old relics from 1986. (work, cryptic.)

Spent Saturday getting my nerves frayed by a fantastic Ateneo-DLSU women's volleyball match. BOO-YAH. Awesome, awesome game. Volleyball is a beautiful sport (TEARS IN MY EYES). LOL and I didn't even go here.

(Oh GOD I was looking for photos of Ateneo spikers Bea Pascual and Gretchen Ho to illustrate my love for this match. LOOK WHAT I FOUND. NGH.)

Anyway, DLSU went on to win that five-set thriller. For the record, I still think Michelle Gumabao's angry face is AWESOME. Just sayin'. DLSU is facing UST in the finals on Wednesday. :)

Today: Waiting for my folks to pick me up. I think that's them honking. Later.

2/20 7:30PM EDIT: Today we ate lunch and brought Wy to school and then I got a haircut while Krista got a manicure. Too girly.
Mandatory semestral cut.
I look forward to not having to visit the salon
for yet another six months
Also, now that I have the time -- here have some girls being ferosh. While playing volleyball. For Ateneo. Haha.
Bea Pascual (is on Twitter)
Photo gakked (with profuse apologies)
from here

With Gretchen Ho (#3)
Profuse apologies again, this photo from here
And here, have a photo of a very focused Michelle Gumabao (damn the girl's only on her second playing year, and yet already very, very hot. As in athletic hot.)
In fairness kay ate sa likod, focused din siya o.

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