notes on valentines 2011

A few random things:

(Under cut: photos, links, etc.)

When I woke that morning there were three doilies pasted on the wall beside the bed.
So I got up and drew something to paste right beneath it.

Fourteen letters in rainbow-colored origami paper
tied to the wall in a red ribbon.

This is our model Franky.
She likes red roses and pianos.
I always get pwned on Valentine's Day. I mean, what else can you expect when you're dating the sweetest girl in the world, right? ♥ (I'm gonna get you love, sooner or later, when you least expect it. :))


So for a rundown of related articles from all over the Internet:

+ Sen. Miriam Santiago says true love is like measles. You only get it once in your lifetime and then you become immune forever. TRUE TRUE WORDS!

+ When Love Outgrows Gifts on Valentine's Day via NYTimes. “It is very sweet and nice when you are 20 or 25,” said Ms. Mosher, 92. “But we are so safe and secure in our love for each other, there is no need for that kind of thing.”

+ Something that made me laugh today: About one in two boyfriends say it's okay to cheat as long as it's with another girl. In my head, I'm like -- OH REALLY? Let me guess: It's because we have something you don't in the same way you have something we don't. LOL I'm so glad I'm out of this cycle.

+ Go -- just date via Inquirer.net. This comes after You should date an illiterate girl and the more direct, well, Date a girl who reads.

Verdict: Date someone you like. If you're into sports, you might like to date someone who's into sports. If you're into arts, you might like to date someone who's into arts. Though you don't have to be necessarily similar. Here's a tip -- date someone passionate about something -- there's a surefire way to find someone intensely interesting.

(But for the record -- if you ask me, spending weekends in bed with a shit ton of books with a girl who loves words? It's the best part of this lifetime. Just sayin'.)

So I leave you with a message from Lothario Panda: You are beautiful, and that's my final answer.


  1. I look forward to the day that you win at Valentine's Day :D

  2. (Awkward sentence construction / grammar, I just noticed. But I refuse to delete the comment.)