the sean connery weekend

or, alternatively, the umulan-umaraw high school reunion

True to the weather bureau's announcement re: the official end of the summer season on Friday, it was rainy over the weekend with the exit of typhoon "Chedeng" but then not even that could have stopped this outing--have I mentioned it was nearly a couple of months in the making?--from happening.

Also: Can you believe I've known these guys for more than 10 years? (Think I was crazy in college? Blame these guys LOL)

Wet and wild, from L-R: Day, Danica, Me, Gino, Carlo, Eiven, Mary.

Under cut: Epic outing that capped this epic summer. And, as with all crazy events, I have no pictures of the portions that really mattered. Haha. Next time I go to a high school reunion with these folks, remind me to bring a tape recorder instead.

Left Makati quarter to seven on Saturday morning to meet Carlo and Gino, who picked me up from that fastfood complex near Madrigal in Alabang around 8:30 a.m. Started convoy at Petron near Alabang Town Center when Mary arrived around 9:30 a.m. with Danica and Day and little boss Eiven.

Made a stopover at Robinson's in Tagaytay, where the gang bought necessities (like alcohol and chips LOL at nga pala, tubig) then Gino took over driving duties from Mary. Back in our car, Day, Carlo and I discussed the refined rules of convoy, among other things.

We arrived in our rented house in Calatagan around lunch time, after more or less three hours on the road. It was a charming old house with two floors, a third-floor loft, three rooms and three bathrooms in all. It also had a pool and was a three-minute walk away from a nearby beach, but then due to the weather, it was generally just nice to lounge in the pool and sit around the dining table, eating chips and drinking beer and listening to music from the 90s and laughing every fifteen seconds.

Yes, it's an old house. Yes, it got a bit creepy at times. Especially at night. And while you're showering. Haha. Whatever, we had an awesome time nevertheless. Check out those HUGE WINDOWS, man.
The pool. Deepest point? 8 feet. WHAT. Also: Loved the small cave detail right there. Para nga naman di mabasa ng ulan hahaha.
Absolutely cozy interiors.

The sea in the middle of the downpour. Obviously, it's not a commercial beach. Needs a cleanup.
Mandatory beach photo with Mary, Day, Danica and Eiven.
Anyway. It was awesome. Nix, Mary, Carlo and Gino took turns cooking, while Day and I took turns washing dishes, and then everybody panicked when the kitchen was overtaken by moths around 7 p.m. and then this giant lizard crawled into the house and up the walls and ate them and then we closed the lights so they'd go away and then after a while good ol' Rango the giant lizard (Seriously, he was like a foot long) was gone. Di man lang nagpaalam.
Party in the kitchen! Check out the boys getting their Iron Chef on.

After washing dishes post-dinner we ended up around the pool drinking and laughing at the boys' giant grilled sausages (it's not as dirty as it sounds -- but yeah, maybe it is LOL) and then we went in when it got too cold. Sitting ourselves around the dining table we proceeded to drink until all the beers were gone. We bought a case and then there were only three of us -- the two boys and me -- who were drinking. LOL. We finished sometime around 3 a.m.

We talked about, predictably, girls and sex and other unfortunate events, and of course, that staple replaying of hilarious high school scenarios, from girls once courted (LOL giant teddy bears and never talking to the girl again) to crazy teachers. That inuman in five keywords: Octopus, Toll gate, Duty Free, Sean Connery, Flores*. Hahaha.

I woke around 8 and found Mary cooking breakfast. Woke the others, who ate their breakfast before going back to sleep haha. Took another dip in the pool, then showered, then had lunch, then left the place around 2 p.m., still in Carlo's car with Day. Then the switch again at Robinson's, then the boys drove me to Metropolis in record speed. I was back in Makati by 7 p.m. Good job, you guys.

Pool with the girls! Danica, me, Day, Mary.

The breakfast table. L-R: Carlo, Gino, Danica, Day, Mary.
Should totally do it again, by the way. Due thanks go out to Mary, who has been patient with my sched and has never tired of inviting me to high school events, never mind that I'm usually absent haha; to Danica, who made time even with the weight of her show's finale on her weary shoulders; to Day, who is about to do something REALLY AWESOME next year; and to the boys, who allowed me to skip two rounds of beer on Saturday night haha my liver thanks you. Salamat sa hindi pagsasawa guys! Next year, mangingitim na talaga tayo, promise.

* My apologies for being cryptic. It's for your own good. Haha.


  1. LOL LOL LOL at Flores*...

    kung si 3rd ito, di ko makakalimutan ang araw na napatakbo namin sya sa third floor kakahanap sa isang buong section na nawala sa assembly! ay, correction, brisk walk pala. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    kung si 4th naman... pano ba mawawala sa isip mo ang lipstick sa ngipin nya na sa araw araw nalang na ginawa ng dyos eh, hayun, at naroon. LOL LOL LOL!!!!

  2. LOL LAGLAGAN NA!!! :)) Si 3rd ito, laging pinagagalitan si Carlo "puro porma, porma na lang ng porma..." In retrospect nga naman pano ka poporma kung naka-uniporme ka araw-araw?? hahha.

    natawa ako sa visual na naghahanap ng isang buong section an nawawala sa assembly BWAHAHAHA hanep talaga ang high school ang kulit! :))