in nasugbu, discreetly

There was a nasty storm over the weekend, but guess what, this outing has been in the works for a month, so we therefore conclude: Rain or shine, the show must go on!

Kayo na ang may jump shot sa gitna ng bagyo! L-R: Me, Andrea, Ice, Almi, Julie, Abi

(Cut for photos of beaches in gloomy weather, and various shenanigans you can do with a pool and a waterproof camera)

This was supposedly an Angels' outing (like La Luz in March) but due to changing circumstances, Cy was unable to grace this month's beaching =( (Remind me girls to stick to Saturdays next year hehe)

Anyway -- braving weather warnings concerning Bebeng (tsk, we did not expect it to be that much of a storm tbh), headed to Nasugbu, Batangas anyway with the girlfriend, the best friend and newly discovered beach buddy Abi on Ice's CRV on Sunday morning. Reached the super exclusive Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club a little past 7 a.m. and met the couple who facilitated our daytour. Met Almi and Kim there around half past 8, waded into the sea a little, and spent much of our time in the beach club's pool, swimming laps and camwhoring and doing underwater videos (Oh, these underwater videos. Hahaha.)

A bit about the resort: Pico de Loro beach and country club is members-only, which meant that we had to have a member who would endorse us. The beach club has lockers, a steam room (!!), showers, etc etc and yes, if you need towels, they have 'em. (Not like you can bring in your own, anyway. But for me it's a minor thing. The towels cost P50 apiece; my bag was decidedly more spacious in the absence of a towel I had to haul in from home hehe)

ANYWAY. More on this in technical notes later! Photos now!

Welcome mat at the Country Club

Kayaks by the shore

Shore clear so early in the morning

Pool! Good times, good times. Note that this is the original color. (Will be useful later haha)

Show your flowers! With Ice and Abi.

Kayo rin, flowers niyo! Julie, Andrea.

Whee girls. L-R: Andrea, Julie, Abi, Ice.

A brief dip in the cold sea, feat. Andrea's talent for PGT
Wild in the water

Woohoo underwater!

O isali niyo naman si Abi hahahaha
Volt in

Waiting for the pizzas

Pssst! Discreet! :)
And now, for the much awaited... rainbowseries. (Discovered our underwater cam's color swap function! We're just fooling around with it! You have been warned!)




LOL No to guy zombie!

Bye Pico! Weather's crazy but the crowd is CRAZIER!
Thanks ladies for agreeing to push through with this trip despite weather-related challenges!

N.B. Andrea's entry on this trip is up on her LJ. =)

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