the midweek round-up: 9.07

A quick round-up of what has happened since last week:

- Lawrence created this poster, in which we invite you to "spot your newest fave teen stars" (zoom in for total effect of Things that Cannot be Unseen) -- http://t.co/FbF0st8 

- So I've been watching Kim Chiu do a bit of cross-dressing on My Binondo Girl. Quick summary/spoilers for the uninterested: So Kim's character dresses up to be a boy (a very pogi boy LOL -- I mean, see for yourself) so she would be recognized by her Chinese (Filipino-Chinese?) father, who has been aching for his first-born son Yuan (who is Kim's brother and who has already died). My question -- Is her character technically lesbian -- since she wants to be male for acceptance's sake? Or do you have to be a girl who is attracted to girls to be lesbian? My head hurts. Meanwhile, I saw the guy who plays Kim Chiu's dad at Rustan's in Power Plant. He is pogi. Hihi.

- This awesome link find via my friends on Twitter: http://t.co/6ubB1yN

(The rest under cut)

- LOL finally a movie about a love triangle where a guy with a girlfriend likes a girl who likes... his girlfriend. MAHAHA. Movie tagline: He's wild about her; she's wild about HIS GIRL. What. the. Actual. Fuck. http://t.co/vXltORP.

- I attended a meeting on Wednesday that sought to curb procrastination in the work place. I'm kind of interested. (Of course). Strong words off that day's meeting: Don't tell me how rough the sea is -- just bring the ship in. -- Yep. I can work with that. *pulls*

- Meanwhile, I like doodling during meetings. Usually, what I come up with is a pretty accurate illustration of just how lengthy a meeting is. Here's my Wednesday meeting illustration: http://t.co/CMNvRR5 . (DISCLAIMER: My doodling improves my attention span. NO LIE.)


- This week's dose of wisdom, courtesy of my Algebra review: Di mo man aminin, minahal mo e kaya di mo nakalimutan. #algebra #anopangaba

- Weird dreams are weird, btw: Dreamt I had to postpone undergoing an operation for a secret heart ailment because chances of survival are slim. ANO BA SUBCONSCIOUS. Also -- It was a dream in English because my doctor was Arizona Robbins. YEP.

- Fantastic UAAP performance of the week: Saturday -- UST crawled out of 17-pt deficit to win against Adamson with a 16-pt margin. Jeric Teng: 20 pts. And just like that, UST is still in the running for the Final Four.

- Caught Pinoy Junior Masterchef on Saturday! The kids were awesome! CAITLIN/JOBIM HIHIHI <3

- Tried the new Happy Lemon branch in Power Plant on Sunday. Tried their green tea with rock salt and cheese. Verdict: Lasang block rosary crusade. Whatever that means to you haha. Next time: Cheese is nice, but Less sampaguita OK.
Me and the girl. Hello there.
- Also on Sunday: Applied for a new data plan from Smart. Mmmm. Excited.

- Monday went back to UP for a document request then a quick meetup with Julie then capped the day with a Wendy's date with Andrea feat Wendy's Float -- 50% Frosty, 50% softdrink. AWESOME.

- Then I got my Pottermore email (HAPPY DANCE!) My wand is... Larch and Dragon, twelve and a half inches, ~rigid. My goodness, wand talk will never be NOT funny. HAHAHAHA.

- Also, like I always knew somehow, I got sorted into Slytherin.

- MEANWHILE, ON MY TV: LOST GIRL SEASON 2 EPISODE 1. Oh my God, how I've missed you guys. Bo/Lauren = Still off the fucking charts. (Illustration by way of gifs -- HERE.)

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