the midweek round-up, 9.21

Anniversary week! ♥♥♥

A few things:

- Went to the Manila International Book Fair on Sunday with her folks. Not as outstanding as our previous visits, but thoroughly enjoyed just the same. I got my friend Caloy's "Corpus" from the UST Press, while Andrea got Lourd's "Super Panalo Sounds," which, from what I heard, is also super panalo.

- As part of my anniversary loot for her, I gave her the Samsung Galaxy Mini that came with my new Smart unlimited data plan, which she is currently thoroughly enjoying. (e.g. by taking photos of herself as twins, etc.)
Hello there!

- Exchanged anniversary gifts a few days early! On account of our low EQs hehe. I did this series of 48-word stories for her on Tumblr a.k.a. mixed media (LOL -- there's an Issuu file, and audio files everywhere, because I secretly like reading things aloud, etc) also, meta: It is easier to write something lengthy than it is trying to trim things down to a certain word count. This was a new experience for me as a writer. /end meta.
48-words on Tumblr.

- But as usual, I have been trumped yet again by an AWESOME 365-DAYS-IN-THE-MAKING COLLAGE MINI-BOOK. Shet. True to form, love. True to form. It has collages and drawings and stories and, believe it or not, scratch and sniff portions.
I love you, my multi-talented loverrrr.

n.b. Here's Andrea's account of the weekend!

(There are more things under this cut!)

Met the girls at Starbux Shang on Monday for coffee, stories and laughter :) Riot as always ang pag-alala sa fashion of the past (which includes Cy's legendary orange shirts and my equally legendary elephant pants -- hey those served me well, they were awesome, ok!) Also enjoyed: Ice's stories from Kalinga (with pictures!), and Almi's stories from Singapore. Next month, girls! :)

I love Cy's caption for this, which involves mention of perfect TOEFL scores, wedding engagements, fourth anniversaries and THE DOUGIE. LOLLLL. (L-R Cy, Ice, Me, Almi)
Thanks Kim for taking this picture!
Eggs with the legendary Teamba during the Big Boss's birthday party last night! Come from behind win in Pictionary FTW!
L-R Abi, Julie, Schatzi, Almi, Kay.
Di ko makakalimutan yung game-changing na pagsagot ng SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY GUYS! Ang mumulti-talented! :)) Eggs from Pateros for all our hardwork! :))
And for having reached the end of this post, here: Two previous anniversary gifts past. Haha.
- Me for her: Year One | when I think of you (a timeline)

and, everyone's favorite: Her for me, Year 3: Panda and Miming around the World.

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