the weekend round-up

Rare these days that I have ~a social life, so I take every opportunity to blog about it whenever I have one! Haha! :))


Friday night
Happy birthday, Ate Chona! Various photos with Maricar, Val and Drea -- same guys I went to Nagsasa with this summer! Every lakad is an adventure, charot! :))
First time to get to visit the famous Midnight Mercato at The Fort on the occasion of Ate Chona's birthday. It was a rainy night but we braved the puddles nevertheless. It was jampacked! I had fantastic steak with rice, and then we had cheese flautas, and then we had chicken skin and then we had smores cake and then we had BEER ICE CREAM. Which tasted weird, but hey, awesome idea is awesome, innit.

Saturday morning:
After the session, we talked about her experience as a young Muslim woman growing up in Australia during 9/11 and what being a "fully Muslim woman" means to her. Surprising and inspiring.

I usually shy away from late Friday night outings whenever I had a Read-Along session set that following morning, but thankfully I was able to wake early enough in time for that Saturday morning's session with Kylie Padilla.

(Oh, look. The paper ran the story today on Page One. Thanks, editors! -- on PDI: Read-along session marks Peace Month)

Session was with Service for Peace, a non-government org advocating peace through community development. The kids we had were from their Muslim community of peace in QC and their Christian community of peace in Mandaluyong. As with every session -- an eye-opener, this one. Thanks for coming over! :)

Saturday night
Just the same, I shy away from late Saturday night outings when I've been awake so early in the morning for the Read-Along (man, I'm getting old), BUT Arigatohato's EP launch at B-Side was too awesome to pass up! Got home at 4 in the morning! (Naks, at B-Side. Kala mo parang bente anyos lang. Haha!)

Went to the thing with Andrea, who knew Arigato, Hato singer Cat (When we were introduced I was a total dork, starstruck etc; I shook her hand and flailed at how awesome her set was. Haha.)

When I got there after work, Andrea was with Marie and Poxy, and then we bumped into Nayna and Mak at Wabisabi, and then into JC and Cass at the gig itself. Awesome night was awesome. A few notes:
  • That Techy Romantics set! - *swoon* That girl sure knows how to move. Christ, I can't even.
  • That Pedicab set! - *pants* -- Oh wow, that sure felt like a workout.
  • That couch was an awesome idea -- if I were a smoker. I wouldn't have moved AT ALL but damn, the smoke got to choking level. Yo kids smoking is bad for you, etc. Charot, you'll quit on your own when you're 25 or something.
  • Also -- got filmed by a group doing a documentary on Meiday! While having a round of beer with JC and Cass while Outerhope etc were playing above our heads. Talking (more like, yelling over the roaring music haha!) about web startups and geek fight and stuff.
  • Had too many bottles of beer! San Miguel Apple is Cali Shandy with Alcohol, which is nice, if you're into that kind of thing.
  • Got home at 4 a.m.! Naks, parang bente anyos lang.

(Photos and Sunday, under cut)

Clockwise from center: Mak, Nayna, JC, Cass, Drea, Me and that ubiquitous bottle of beer. (This long Saturday deserved to end with bottles of beer, just sayin'.)
Couch mates! Andrea, Poxy and Marie.

This Techy Romantics set was AWESOME. I mean it. I don't know how this girl manages to set things on fire just by holding the microphone like that, but the thing is that she does.

Which brings us to...

Sunday morning!

Slept through noon and ordered lunch from Bonchon, then got a text from the sibs asking if I were available for ice cream (read: yogurt) and we said yes. Always fun being with my folks! Also, my sibs like my girlfriend. Sometimes I think they like her more than they do me, haha!

Le familia at Frutti Froyo on Morato. Wy, Me dorking around with Andrea's hat, Krista, Auntie, Uncle (who was thankfully available that day to be with Auntie on the long drive. Thank you!)
The sibs, high on sugar.

With the girl. This light is love.
Photo-op inside Pisay grounds! A.k.a. The campus I've always visited but never actually went to. Le sigh. Also--I think my brother and Auntie always make it a point to go out in matching colors. He's stylish like that. (That's also how he described the hat -- It's very stylish. Haha!)

Postscript: Here's Andrea's account of our weekend shenanigans over at her LJ! ♥

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