the yearender

2008 was a special year in so many ways.

i.two days off
it began with the introduction of the two-days-off scheme, for one, which allowed more time for chores like cleaning the bathroom and doing the laundry and all that AND having a relationship at the same time *g*

ii.an attempt to quit a habit
also this marks the first year that i actually spent the greater part of the year without cigarettes. i mean, since 2001, which was the year i first acquired the habit. i admit that the effort has not been through and through flawless, but all in all it was a pretty good try. couldn't have done it without the girlfriend's support and strict supervision though. and of course, the cooperation of friends mwahmwah.

iii.a heavier task
this year has also seen a promotion of sorts. looking back, a part of me still thinks that i'm way too young for all this adult shiz but hey someone's got to step up, and for the most part, 2008 has been all about stepping up. i won't deny, on the work front, things have been stressful, the days have been longer, and there were a lot of times i found myself with just too much to deal with. standing here though at the edge of the year and reviewing my thoroughly used and abused planner, i just can't help but ask myself -- how the fuck did i get past all that? trust me, the feeling is sublime. and honestly, 2009, i'd do it again for you if i have to.

(or maybe not.)

iv.this year i...
got published in a very gay manner. got mistaken for a panda. discovered veronica mars. got wheedled into surfing *again*. lost my voice entirely for a few days. loved the gentle art of domesticity even more. discovered doodling and the joy of 0.4 fine point sign pens. read books. (kite runner! on writing!) watched movies. (mamma mia! baby mama! the dark knight!) loved. was loved. <3

all in all a good year. sure it was a whole lot different from the ones that came before it, but i loved it just the same.

happy new year everyone! =)


the birthday post

so my family did drag me to church this morning. apparently, my birthday this year coincides with the Feast of the Holy Family, which falls on the first Sunday right after Christmas. namely, today.

btw, today is also david archuleta's 18th birthday - just thought you should all know he's now more or less legal. in certain areas. hahahaha. =)

anyway, day's been good. there's meatless spaghetti and mango-cashew cake from red ribbon and fruit salad and smoked bangus for dinner. endless greetings on facebook and an all-day-all-night sabaw musicfest over at blip.fm. can't thank you all enough for the greetings and well-wishes. ika nga ni tere, 24 is the new 16! agreed. hehe.

however, can i just say that aside from my brother's gift tag, the next best greeting came from an aunt:

text: happy birthday kate! you're a big girl/boy now. we love you!

PANALO ME OPTIONS EH. di ko sure kung dapat akong maghyperventilate or what. my cousins -- her sons -- dropped by to have snacks and play guitar hero. apparently tinanong na pala niya kahaon si mark (yung panganay) kung lesbyana ba raw ako. hence the textage perhaps. hallelujah.

and oh. i also got a haircut. i wish i could take a picture right now, but for some reason i feel like i shouldn't because i still look like one of ate vi's backup dancers in her SHYOWW ME THE PARTY video. not that i'm complaining. just a thought that's holding me back from camwhorage. hahaha. =)

and then thankfully the networks have allowed the girlfriend and i to communicate. thank you gods of smart and globe, btw. it was a ten minute phone call by my estimates. hay i want to continue being on vacation but i'm going crazy here. hahaha.



a vacation, finally.

i spent much of today trying to clean my workspace, wiping here and dusting there and using alcohol all over the place. the isopropyl one, i meant. the thing about this job is that you need to keep things, and keeping things meant taking up space, and sometimes the problem really is choosing which ones to let go. i mean, nothing sucks more than throwing something away and needing it three days later. hehe.

honestly, after being so used to such a hectic schedule, the idea of taking a vacation -- read: spending more than two days out of the office, and out of makati at that -- drove me absolutely nuts! hala di na marunong magbakasyon. though i did spend christmas night in makati, i spent most of it 1) craving for beer and 2) cleaning stuff - laundry, electric fan, bathroom. sobrang na-stress lang ako sa idea na i would have to leave my natural habitat for more than two days. hahaha ano ba yan.

but yeah, now that that's over and done with, i could proceed to the next pertinent task:

turning a year older.

much to my delight, my parents agreed to pick me up from work tonight. thankfully, it took only an hour for us to get to cavite from makati -- i guess the empty streets were the Universe's gift to me hehe =) thanks, Universe.

anyway, my brother gave me a present. mensahe pa lang sa gift tag, panalo na:

"dear ate kate, you may be 24 or 23, but you still look 18 to me. I love you! Happy Birthday! -wy"

tingnan mo nga naman yan, pang-Maalaala Mo Kaya.

anyway, auntie has already cornered me into attending mass tomorrow because 1) it's a sunday and 2) it's my birthday. sige na nga, mukhang walang lusot eh, so might as well.

the sad part, though, is being away from the girlfriend until the 3rd :( though of course i understand that it's the season to be with family and all that. i miss her already though. i actually last saw her yesterday, when she dropped by our apartment before i went to work to scan some old photographs and show me some of the gifts she received on christmas. all in all, however brief, that was a rather good morning :)

anyway, this year facebook seems to be the social network of choice, and as of writing i am still getting a few greetings from friends near and far, so thanks facebook for reminding everyone and turning this into a global event hehe.

so. that was quite a good year, wasn't it. yeah.

yeah it really was.


like your beau, or somethin'?

so the newspaper was put to bed early last night, and i was able to go home to my parents' house in cavite just in time to attend last night's noche buena. unfortunately, naubusan na kami ng LPG.

yes folks, noche buena kagabi at kinailangan pa naming sumide-trip para bumili ng gasul -- na dapat pala ay shellane. hahaha riot talaga.

for that kumain na lang kami ng early dinner sa gerry's grill sa alabang town center dahil nagugutom na si dad. nakipagsikuhan din ako sa red ribbon para bumili ng cake - ang natira na lang ay ang junior choco mousse na pinatos ko na nang may maibigay naman kami dun sa tita kong dadaanan namin bago umuwi.

bandang hatinggabi dumating ang mga pinsan naming naglalakihan -- sina brent, mark at bea. ang toka ni krista e bumili ng "hard" at ang toka ni mark e bumili ng beer. si krista bumili ng gatorade at vodka ata, tapos si mark bumili ng 2 red horse. na grande.

anakng, e dalawa lang naman kaming iinom nun. sabi ko nga, shet sabi ko di na ako iinom ngayong taon. pero ika pa nga ni rissa - sabi ko lang yun! ah, she knows me well. hahaha.

so sa madaling sabi e naubos namin ni mark yung dalawang grande ano. ang pulutan namin e yung mga hinanakit sa buhay ni krista. (you asshole, when i see you i will bash your face in. -- akala ko lilipas ang galit ko eh. akala ko itutulog ko lang tas pagkagising ko ala na. e pucha nung nagising ako galit pa rin e. pagkaligo ko, galit pa rin ako. pagkakain ko ng breakfast, ngayon pagkakain ko ulit ng noche buena sampler ng mga kaopisina ko, galit pa rin ako eh. natutunan pala sa kin ha. ah ganon.)

anyway, ang feature hirit ng gabi ay siyempre, punchline ni wy:

krista: blah blah blah i hate him blah blah blah
wy: why, is he your beau or somethin'?

verbatim, folks. verbatim.

anyway, alas-tres na nang matapos kami magkwentuhan (read: nung maubos namin yung 2 grande) at kaninang umaga ang aga-aga akong ginising ng tatay ko kasi me dadaanan pa raw kaming binyag.

as in dinaanan lang. literal. pero ika nga yun naman talaga ginagawa ng mga normal na taong alang trabaho pag pasko di ba, ang dumaan sa mga kamag-anak. so kahit na for the first half of the day lang feeling ko mejo normal ang pasko ko kasi kasama naman ang pamilya at extended family at extended family thereof. win.

so ayun ngayon balik trabaho na tayo, at malamang sa malamang eh sa casa ako magpalipas ng gabi. sana pala binitbit ko yung beer na asa bahay eh. haahhaha. hindi na pala iinom ha. hahaha.

ayun. maligayang pasko sa inyong lahat! =)


maligayang pasko!

sabi nila, ang pasko ay para sa mga bata. true.

nakakamiss yung mga times na ang kailangan mo lang gawin pag pasko e magbehave at umupo sa hapag-kainan at magpakyut sa mga pictures.

fastforward to 10 or so years later, ngayon hindi pwedeng uupo ka lang at lalafang. ano ka sineswerte? kung gusto mong umupo na lang, aba magugutom ka. ngayon, required ka nang pumila sa grocery. bago ka pa makarating dun, susuong ka pa sa traffic na "parang masamang panaginip lang" (dela vega, 2008). at bago pa yan, pipila ka pa sa ATM na parang prusisyon lang rin. at bago pa yan, magdadasal ka pa na sana may laman na ang ATM mo. hehehe.

nakakamiss yung mga times na ang pinakamalaki mong problema pag may christmas party ay kung ano ang isusuot mo (or kung isusuot mo ang bestidang binili ng nanay mo for you in the first place), isama mo na ang exchange gift na kailangan at least P50 noong 1990s (nabili na kaya ni mommy?)

fastforward to 10 or so years later, problema na rin ang christmas party itself - saan gaganapin, ano ang kakainin, sino ang magdadala ng ano, at pordiosporsanto ANO ANG IPAPARAFFLE. problema pa rin ang exchange gift, na dapat ay between P300-P500 na ang worth (or in our case, dapat recycled HAHA), at lalong problema ang outfit -- sexy ba? disente ba? kung makita ba ako ni ano ok lang ba yun? kasya pa ba sakin to in the first place?

haha. but this is not to say na olats ang pasko ng mga matatanda. (aray naman) after all, bukod sa season of giving e season of vices din ang pasko (namely, inuman at wasakan of yore) at labasan na rin ng mga talentong hidden (or, yung mga dapat tinago na lang haha) lalo na pagdating sa videokehan at kung anu-ano pang kalokohan. sa huli, kahit dinugo ang organizers sa pagpuput-together ng isang disenteng party para sa lahat e sulit naman ang buong gabi - lalo na kung may AFTERparty (YOOOOWN.)


anyway, sabi ng kapatid ko, after a decade e napalitan din ang christmas tree namin sa bahay. at dahil subsob sa trabaho nitong mga nakaraang buwan e first time ko siyang makikita tonight. mantakin niyo yan.

me halong kasentihan ito - yung huli naming krismas tree na puti e binili pa ng nanay ko, meaning buhay pa siya nun at therefore a long time ago. minsan ko nang pinangako na ako ang bibili ng ipapalit na christmas tree, pero since this year e sagot ko na ang bagong camera, siguro naman ok na yun di ba?! hehe.

so ayun. maligayang pasko sa inyong lahat. sana kasama niyo ang mga gusto niyong makasama ngayong pasko - pamilya, kaibigan, jowa, etc. sana kahit mahaba ang pila sa ATM (last trading day ngayon, go go go!), sa grocery (maaga atang magsasara ang shopwise!), sa edsa (good luck sa mga magcocommute pauwi!) at kung saan pa man, tandaan na ang mahalaga ay nasa pinakadulo ng lahat...

ang hapag-kainan. este, yung pamilya mamayang noche buena... sa palibot ng hapag-kainan. yown! merry christmas everyone!


test post

sa hinaba-haba man ng prusisyon, dito rin ang balik. hahahaha. hi blogger, i missed you!