whew july?

+ i don't know where june went, honestly. *shrugs*

+ though judging from my compiled twitter updates over at lj (hehehe) i think the following sums up what i think ate up most of last month:

- adobe cs3 and GIFPARTIES involving the children of skins. to wit:

eye!sx ftw!

- my sister giving up the apartment i've kept since summer 2004. the end of an era.

- aH1N1

- rilke's letters to a young poet.

- rain.

- the prescott twins (of course)

- pagasa getting it all wrong. all the time.

- my brother moving into pisay dorm and HIGH SCHOOL. us having to haul encyclopedia sets into his room.


- third eye blind

- andrea's new hair ♥


- lily loveless on twitter (hihi)

- father's day

- old planners

- michael jackson, RIP

- saguijo

- annual midyear sickness FTW

- that gossip girl photoshoot. lord.

anyway, my lj was actually quite helpful. as long as i kept my twitter compilations ~private lol to keep from spamming other people's f-lists. hehe. but all in all, having written nothing notwithstanding (actually this is not true; i've written quite A LOT in june, it's just, ~irrelevant.) -- june seemed like quite a good month.

+ note to say: GOD I LOVE PASSION PIT. and BON IVER. and this NEW ROOM -- well, of course, i'd love anywhere so long as i go with you. ♥