The Peacock Garden getaway

Scored a lovely 3D/2N getaway at The Peacock Garden in Baclayon, Bohol over the long weekend via a DealGrocer promo a couple of months back. (That was actually my first DealGrocer purchase; best impulse buy made EVER. On that site at least. Haha. Maraming salamat guys! Next year ulit!)

Have I mentioned: ALSO A TOTAL STEAL. Here, have a photo:

Needless to say, we were totally not prepared for how totally awesome that place is.

(Cut for even more photos)



Nicked off Friendster and taken by a camera phone. Thesis moments, 2004, I think.
My sister-slash-bestfriend wrote an absolutely heartwarming note over at her blog, and I've spent the better part of this rainy night trying to come up with a worthy reply.

Oh well, here goes. ♥


after the wreckage

or, alternatively, that post in the aftermath of Edeline's birthday party-slash-housewarming

I may not write a lot about this group of girls I used to see a lot of in college, but we did have a lot of good times together -- considering how we spent most of the Maginhawa years living practically next door to each other, hehe. Looking back at all that, I sometimes wonder if I ever did spend any time actually studying in college, considering the amount of time I spent smoking/getting drunk/hanging out/talking with/etc with all these fantastic people haha. :) Oh man, my lost youth.

Here be a photo of that grand reunion, courtesy of Edz's birthday/housewarming on Sunday:
Warming up Edz's new pad: L-R Pogo, Jaycee, Rida, Edz, Ice, Me, Drea. Thanks to Rex (a.k.a. the new Wikileaks haha) for taking this photo! :)

(More photos, reminiscences under cut!)

the grand jowa reunion

Oh man, what a fine way to spend a lovely Sunday -- picnic-ing with girl friends from college. Here be the girls with whom I spent most of my college years with -- smoking under the CMC skywalk, talking under the streetlamp on the corner of my old boarding house's street, thinking about potential dialogue between inanimate objects, like light bulbs and leaves. IN FILIPINO. Haha.

Here be a photo salvaged off Friendster (LOL) from 2003 or 2004:

Young once: L-R, Julie, Mamu, Melay, Me.
Jesus, in this picture I weighed, like, HALF of what I weigh now.
 And here's a photo nearly a decade later haha:

At Mang Jimmy's, clockwise from bottom left: Mamu, Julie, Me, Melay. Check out those matching blues! :)

(More photos under cut!)


notes on the first scbwi-ccp conference

Found myself waking up early today for the first Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators - Cultural Center of the Philippines (SCBWI-CCP) Children's Book Conference at the CCP Silangan Hall. (Whew -- a mouthful, wasn't that. Well, now that we have that out of the way hehe --)

(Cut for shop talk, etc)


girl seeks girl

Carmen, Nines, Monica. Remember these names okay? Yeah, I had a hard time too.
Soooo. I was wondering if I could interest you in this Spanish series featuring really hot lesbians in Madrid? YES?

OK now that I have your attention.

(Cut for spoilers)