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Okay. So wedding videos make me a bit weepy -- especially one with Ellen and Portia in it. Also, Joshua Radin's "Today" is a beautiful song.

So Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer got married, and in his blog Gaiman mentioned a friend who was ordained over the Internet. Eliza was all like, "I'd get ordained and officiate your wedding to Drea" and I was like "Yes please, we can all dress up and eat on big tables while sitting on covered chairs." I failed to mention having flowers everywhere, but yes that is exactly what it looks like in my head, just so everyone knows. I'd have our bridal registry in Landmark under "Ms and Ms Surname-dash-Surname" it will be AWESOME. And confusing for the people in Landmark, but what the hell.

Yes, sometimes I do think about our wedding. I figure that in the absence of laws and the obvious non-choice of holding it in a church, it will be just like hosting a massive party with friends and family in a garden and all Drea and I have to do is show up in matching dresses and kiss in front of all these people LOL. We'll have a ridiculous pre-nup shoot involving books and then post-reception there'll be a MASSIVE NERF WAR (an obvious nod to you, haha). There'll be videoke until well after sunset. (Na may scoring at lusutan ang parusa -- LOL lugi kayo kay Cy) And a lot of dancing (to Far East Movement's Like a G6 HAHAHAHA). And of course A PHOTOBOOTH.

Pero teka BUDGET MUNA. Haha. Meanwhile, see you there with your Nerf guns! :))

"So, maybe someday" sounds like a good plan.
(Photo from People magazine)

1/6 EDIT: She said YES. ♥

1/7 EDIT: LOL look what I found at our doorstep upon getting home tonight:

The tag says: "Happy engagement!"
Many thanks to Almi, who is probably
more invested in this than we are LOL. ♥

Shit's getting real, y'all. And like a true Capricorn, I'm now looking into my finances and using Excel while at it. FUN FUN FUN.


we're so disarming, darling

Let's start the year right with something unfinished from last year.

Photo taken in Gayuma ni Maria
apartment story
7,600 words. title from the national. happy new year, loves! ♥