a quick note on valentine's day, 2010

There is no sense in loving someone you can never wake up to except by chance. -Jeanette Winterson, The Passion

The girlfriend cooked everything on Valentine's Day; we stayed in and ate heart-shaped pancakes with yogurt and hashbrowns for breakfast, and fusili pasta with bacon, caramelized onions, mushrooms and basil leaves for lunch, and leafy salad in strawberry vinaigrette and sandwiches for dinner, and glasses of really good sparkling red grape juice cocktail from Welch's which is just like wine but better because it's actually carbonated grape juice, which means -- hello, non-alcoholic and ♥

Have I mentioned the heart-shaped brownies made of my favorite chocolates specially baked by an officemate friend? Clearly, I have been pwned this Valentine's Day -- as I have been continuously pwned over and over every single day since Day 1 of this lovely quiet life we've been living.

I love you; I can't stress it enough, and these words are all I have, sometimes.

a weekend of everything that flies

On Saturday, I went to the 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta with the girls ♥ (Still, it's Almi's month-long birthday celeb, ho-yay!)

Predictably, we saw... HOT AIR BALLOONS *gasp* \o/

There were... flying beers! (Sino me sabi sa langit, walang beer? Eh ayan o:)

And flying eggs! (This one says, An egg a day is now okay -- um, yeah, because it wasn't before? What?)

Flying cows in barns! (personal favorite, haha)

Eto hindi lumipad, pero nakakaligaya pa rin:

Thanks to these two, our sponsors (hehe):

(I therefore conclude: PIHABF is the new UP Fair.)


momox 2010: a mix

Presenting... this year's make-out mix. Advanced happy valentine's y'all. ♥




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