eleven twenty-seven

Okay, so this day could have gone better. I'm actually in the middle of something that feels like a hangover, only it isn't because I'm not drunk. Hence, only half the fun.

Oh, fuck it. Let's ogle some hot girls:

(cut for lesbians. and lip service.)

dear murphy's law--

--we can reach a truce now. Please, can we reach a truce now?

(cut for a timeline of things going wrong. LOL.)


ever swiftly moving

Sarah McLachlan - Do What You Have To Do (Live, Mirrorball)

(here be a sarah mclachlan post. cut for music)



end game. n. people who should end up together. like a couple. despite all odds.

Remember that new lesbian show we began watching a few months back, the one set in Glasgow with all these fine, accented lesbians in very attractive coats? Well, it ended its six-episode first season last week. And yes, as with all lesbian shows with attractive people, I have feelings.

(cut for spoilers through lipservice season1. and lesbians. and anger.)


now reading

"It was an effort for me now to recall the details of my grief -- the exact forms it had taken - although at will I could summon up an echo of it, like a small whining dog locked in the cellar. What had I done on the day Mother died? I could hardly remember that, or what she'd really looked like: now she looked only like her photographs. I did remember the wrongness of her bed when she was suddenly no longer in it: how empty it had seemed. The way the afternoon light came slantwise in through the window and fell so silently across the hardwood floor, the dust motes floating in it like mist. The smell of beeswax furniture polish, and of wilted chrysanthemums, and the lingering aroma of bedpan and disinfectant. I could remember her absence, now, much better than her presence."
--Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin

Dear Ms Atwood: How are you so good? Oh my God.

nanowrimo 2010

37,090 / 50,000 words. 74% done!

On other news: Just reached 37k in my Nano attempt, and for the first time in 22 days I felt I'd actually be sad if I lost this file to Word runtime errors. (Backups)


On other, other news: MONTH 38 TODAYYYYY. ♥


eleven nineteen

So today's just one of those impossibly tight days, working with all sorts of deadlines -- a somewhat-longterm deadline (for the anniversary), a medium-term deadline (tomorrow, for someone else's work for the anniversary) and all sorts of immediate deadlines (various - PSE tables, weather bulletins, peso figures, phone calls) and then Big Lady Boss drops us a line at 7 p.m.:

(cut for suspense--dun dun dun)


dear lipservice--

I am currently busy right now, but I'd just like you to know that after watching all six episodes of season 1, I therefore conclude:

You give me so many feelings. NGH. Or, basically: Dear Lip Service 1x06, WHAT. JUST, WHAT.

(This is obviously a placeholder).


dear mom--

Today is my mother's 13th death anniversary. On this day last year, I was at home, reading a book about writing and playing Plants vs Zombies. Hehe.

Today I am 25 turning 26. My mother was 25 turning 26 when she had me. It strikes me as strange -- one day you wake up still a kid, and the next thing you know you're the same age as your mother when she had you. Haha. Time flies, and how fast, huh.

I currently have no plans of having kids -- it's just not in the plan. I think to a degree it is kind of a pity, because it means I'll miss the chance of having a kid like ME now when I'm, oh, 50. HAHA.

(Also not in the plan: Dying of blood disease when I'm 38. Yep.)

Dear mom, in my head I can see you are laughing at how disorganized my office desk is RIGHT NOW, but I also know you know I'll find something in this mess when I need it. So, yeah, you can stop laughing now. Hehe.


a brief letter to my nineteen-year-old self

Wow, old closed down blogs are FUN.

Here's a good one from January 2004 (Cannot link to this anymore, it's from that closed blog - it's fascinating how much I wrote back then, and Christ, I did close that down for A LOT of good reasons, hahaha. hmm.)

i remember cleng sharing a fantasy once - the barkada seated around a table in a Makati hang-out, perhaps some posh coffee shop, talking over coffee and cigarettes and cinnamon rolls *yum* about our latest businesses, investments, houses, families, stories, assignments, sex partners *cough* and you know.. erm, that kind of stuff.

LOL SEX PARTNERS. \o/ This strikes me as very funny because this is EXACTLY what we do these days. It's funny, a bit creepy, but YES more funny than anything else. ILU GUYS.

(Cut for old things)