2010, a round-up

Or, alternatively, the yearender

You were one of the hardest, 2010, in terms of challenges. This year: a computerized national elections, a new president, a book spanning 25 years and 25 simultaneous read-along sessions. Dear 2010, you pushed me to my limits, shoved me up against a wall and encouraged me to fight back. Now I can look back and say, Well. That was one damned good fight, wasn't that. (And I still have all of my limbs.)

This year I am thankful for the people from whom I have steadily drawn my strength all these months. For the times you bore with me no matter how visibly I may have worn my stress on my sleeve - thank you. For sticking with me despite my temper - thank you.

This year I admit I must have been a difficult thing to love; for doing so anyway, thank you. After all these years, thank you.

Cut for a month-by-month rundown.

a series of brief letters to younger selves

i was here.

i. Dear 19,

Oh, I remember us -- we were like waking up in entirely new skin.

(Under cut: letters to 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23)



or, alternatively, The Birthday Post
Turned twenty-six on Tuesday! Thanks to all who remembered! =) Started off my seven-day holiday rest with a trip to La Mesa Eco-Park with the Ates:
Here be the riot! The gang around the lunch table.
Met the first contingent at Market! Market! where we picked up our Buddy's pancit lucban and roasted chicken, then we headed to Savemore Katipunan where we met the second contingent before heading to La Mesa Ecopark in a two-vehicle convoy. At La Mesa - picnic, plus a bit of sightseeing, camwhorage, some pseudo-guitar playing then Pinoy Henyo.

Then we headed to Gayuma ni Maria on V. Luna Extension for coffee and cake and more camwhorage:
A room full of ghosts
(Not really. I just liked this accident of a shot.)
Then we went to Rockwell to check newly opened Muji out, before heading to Ayala Triangle to watch the lights and have dinner plus dessert in Banapple, where they sprung their annual Birthday Surprise (where someone distracts me momentarily and then when I look back at them they're all wearing something ridiculous and birthday related -- a couple of years ago, they wore Panda masks. This year they wore birthday hats. AND I WAS THERE WITH THEM SA TABLE. How I always fall for these surprises/distractions is baffling haha. I am not-so-secretly nine.)

I love how this feels like a photo off my mother's old albums haha.
This is me with a fluffy scepter. It has lights!
Thanks guys for making the night before my birthday one to remember!
Thanks love, you're the bestest best EVER. I love you! :)


dear december's next 10 days-- (part 3)

December 21: Editorial Christmas Party

The mother of all parties. Brought Andrea's camera to set-up a guerrilla photobooth of sorts in the section. Started the day with the Research dept Christmas lunch. Bought ice cream and pancit and wine and cheese. It was all awesome. Scored some discounted Novellinos and promptly downed two bottles throughout the day with my research sibs. NO TEQUILA which meant I was able to go home in one, not-so-shattered piece. Hurray for self-control and ninja skills LOL. As usual, malas sa raffle. Haha but it's okay bawi na lang tayo sa videoke.


(Cut for massive picspam and one more party)

dear december's next 10 days-- (part 2)

December 20: Elaine's wedding in Caleruega

Tagged along with Andrea and Lilie to attend their college friend Elaine's wedding to longtime sweetheart Libert in famous wedding spot Caleruega in Nasugbu, Batangas. I was in a dress. It was chilly out and the scenery was breathtaking. I really think we should all get out of Metro Manila once in a while because man our countrysides are AWESOME. We took a lot of pictures of each other in dresses LOL. Lilie was a bridesmaid and Andrea was a reader. Hurray for friendships that span years and withstand the test of time, naks :) Best wishes and congratulations, Elaine and Libert! Ngl, naiyak ako sa vows niyo haha.

(Photos under cut!)

dear december's next 10 days-- (part 1)

Part 1: College block reunion + Research get-together + Angels Night + M and V birthday and welcome back for J


I haven't been in so many pictures/taken so many pictures FOR YEARS HAHA.

(cut for partying like i'm twenty it's the end of the world)


dear december's first ten days--

--man, you've been swell. I mean, two company parties AND 25 successful simultaneous Read-Along sessions? Man, you've got to be kidding me.

(cut for timeline and massive picspam yo)


From Batanes to Tawi-Tawi: A post-mortem

n.b. Ruth Navarra's note on Facebook about the Read-Along brought tears to my eyes. Wow, has it really been only three years? Sure feels damn longer.

PDI's December 5 Page One


I remember in December 2008 when the Read-Along was barely two years old and we were already swamped with offers from partners who wanted to host the sessions in their own venues outside of the Inquirer. I think that week before Christmas we had four or five of them, and two of them in a single day -- the morning in the office, and the afternoon somewhere else. I remember the consensus then was, 'Never Again' -- the stress levels were ridiculous.

Fast forward to early this year. We were in the middle of the elections and in one session graced by the Inquirer president, she told me: Why not have 25 simultaneous sessions for our 25th anniversary? I think I laughed. I laughed very nervously. At the back of my head, I was thinking about how impossible it all sounded.

Months later, here we are. Long story short -- we've managed to pull the whole thing off.

Yes, all 25 of them.

(See this for reference. Haha.)

(Cut for more gloating sentimental shi'. LOL.)


from batanes to tawi-tawi

Tomorrow, December 4, the Inquirer Read-Along team will hold not one, not two, but twenty-five simultaneous read-along sessions in twenty-five cities and provinces across the Philippines at 10 a.m. -- from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi, literally.

Five venues in Northern Luzon (Batanes, SM Baguio, SM San Fernando, SM Tarlac, Pangasinan), five in Greater Manila Area (PDI Makati, SM Mall of Asia, The Podium, SM North, SM Marilao), five in Southern Luzon (Marinduque, Legazpi, SM Lucena, SM Naga, SM Sta. Rosa), five in the Visayas (SM Iloilo, SM Bacolod, SM Cebu, Dumaguete City, Ormoc City) and five in Mindanao (Davao, Cotabato, Lanao del Norte, Cagayan de Oro City, Tawi-Tawi) -- more than 2,000 kids, over 70 volunteer readers, more than a hundred volunteers in four Inquirer bureaus and Metro Manila, one program.

Many hands have kept us afloat. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so excited to pull this off with you guys. ♥