when fun rhymes with run and other three-letter words

Oh man, I never thought I'd ever grace a company-sponsored fun run because of my former smoker lungs/lack of discipline/general dislike for running but am I just too glad I decided to join this year's run! :)

These photos were stolen from Almi's entry on the fun run,
which can be found here.
Thank you! :)
Ran in the 3k event with Andrea, Research grrls Eliza and Almi and my mother Ate Chona hehe :) My unofficial time is at 25 minutes -- well within my initial projection of 1 hour. LOL. :) Ran into Kenneth (who btw ran in the 10k division -- 10K -- IKAW NA KEN!) early in the morning, who saved us from a cab ride and eventually became our super bonggang package counter. (Super thanks, darling!)

Had post-event breakfast at Pancake House BHS with Inay plus Ate Maricar and Armin, who both ran in the 5k division. After that, we were off to Mercato for some ice cream and then we sat around along BHS looking at hot androgynous girls with dogs. LOL FUN TIMES. And then we went to Starbucks inside Fully Booked, where I fell asleep, and that's when we decided to go home. Haha.

In conclusion: See you all next year! :) THIS SINGLET IS AWESOME.

3/1 EDIT:

(Embarrassing) Pictures or it didn't happen!
Gakked from here, thank you!


here's one for the man i love

YOU GUYS: This man is my father.
Here be a very rare photo of us together.
(Happy birthday dad! after cut)


date a girl

I know what this looks like. Let me see -- you've been told so far to 1) date an illiterate girl (and also not to take that literally, if you're actually literate); 2) date a girl who reads (and to take this one literally); or to 3) go just date (regardless of reading preferences, etc).

--all of them fine suggestions, mind, but if you ask me, fuck all of it, just date someone you like.



ghost of thick dark words

She says, Let's pretend it's all new. 2,700 words.

life roundup, week ending 2.12

This week started out normally enough with boxing on Monday.


momox 2011: a mix

Because Claire is actually looking forward to it (LOL) and because someone might use it for a commercial shooting somewhere (LOLOLLL) here it is -- this year's makeout mix.

And LOOK I actually made ~art for it. Yes.

Advanced Happy Valentine's, you guys. ♥

(under cut: art/tracklisting, download link)


room, rome

Andrea was halfway through a movie called "Room in Rome" when I got home last night, and she was kind enough to restart the movie so I can watch it with her.

In the movie, two girls hook up randomly in Rome. In Rome. Random hook-ups in Rome. I am so in love with the idea of people randomly hooking up in random faraway places that are pretty.

In summary: SOLD.

(cut for movie poster from IMDB, potentially NSFW, and shit-ton of spoilers)


nano post-script, x months hence

I admit, when we finished Nanowrimo in November and found out that CreateSpace was offering to print and ship a proof copy of whatever we finished FOR FREE, I was like, Oh, okay. Might as well PDF it and see if it's true.

By January, I was like, Would they really do that? Ship for free to the PHILIPPINES??

Oh, CreateSpace. I'm so sorry I even doubted you in the first place.

(Cut for proof.)