The Great North Luzon Adventure, part 4: Sagada Lite

Under cut: Things to do in Sagada if you only had a couple of days to spare and absolutely no desire to go caving.


The Great North Luzon Adventure, part 3

Under cut: trekking, secret gardens, bliss, hot chocolate, etc. Photos via my GalaxyTab.


The Great North Luzon Adventure, part 2

Warning: Crazy day ahead featuring some swimming (srsly, in the middle of Baguio weather), a trip to the museum, a book shop in the clouds and fire dancing. Hence -- a shit ton of photos. Anyway, I'm using photos taken via GalaxyTab using the free Vignette app -- me likey! (You've probably seen these photos on Twitter -- pardon my newfound way of taking notes while on the go, heh.)

(Crazy under cut)


The Great North Luzon Adventure, part 1

Before this trip, I had been to Baguio a total of three times -- twice in elementary for a leadership camp and a science camp, and then for a read-along session with Kristie Kenney in November 2008. The trips were rushed and business-related, though for the read-along we had a chance to go around a bit and eat at Oh my Gulay on Session Road and shop at the Baguio market after the event, but that was that.

And so, with my Baguio-newbieness in mind, when I got the invite last year for this year's Grand Northern Luzon Tour with Andrea's family, the first question in my mind was: What are we going to do in Baguio for that long?

Apparently, plenty.

(Under cut: old things in her Malabon house, old photos, and a reintroduction to Baguio)


old love letters

"God i wish i knew if this was all going to end as happily as it began."



La Luz, Batangas (March 2011)

(Summary: We were in La Luz, Laiya, Batangas on Saturday! There were a lot of beach photos! Some under cut!)


life roundup, week ending 3.4

So... this week: T-minus-24hrs before we hit the first beach for 2011, Sugarfree, and can we please, PLEASE talk about Skins UK season 5? -- under cut.