stilts redux

Ooooh, the temptation.
Tweaking layout slightly to accommodate bigger photos for the summer.
Needless to say: More gratuitous photos under cut.


the holy week report

Working today on a Black Saturday, but am extremely happy to report that the beaches were fine in Batangas these past few days. Ah, the joys of living in a tropical country.

(Cut for photos)


senior year, psa, etc.

Senior Year
First things first: Andrea and I watched Senior Year this afternoon. We loved it. (Cut for possible spoilers)


mix: songs/stories

Some days, you hear a song and you automatically go, Damn that's a good story there.

Songs under cut


Blind Assassin (Margaret Atwood)

Finally finished this one (much thanks to Eliza, who let her copy stay with me for a ridiculously long time.)

What an adventure. Glad to have managed to savor this tale (several of them actually in this massive story) as slowly as I could let myself.

(4/11 EDIT: cut for weird dreams, spoilers and quotes)


life roundup, week ending 4.7

(Under cut: Sucker Punch, Hop, and a few other age-related things)


The Great North Luzon Adventure, part 7

The entry otherwise known as, The Last Installment!

(Cut for photos of breakfasts. Omnomnomnom.)

The Great North Luzon Adventure, part 6

Thing I'll miss most from Baguio, apart from the cold:
This view from the bedroom window.

(Under cut: Photos of amphitheatres, the inside of a really fancy house, etc.)