The post-birthday post

Turned 27 yesterday and was with family. Played LazerTag at the Alabang Town Center with sibs and cousins and respective significant others where applicable, then bowled at Starmall before eating at Army Navy for snacks. Then met up with the uncles and aunts at home in the evening after their respective work shifts.

BTW--Best up-side of being officially out to immediate and extended family: The question, How old are you? doesn't get automatically followed up with, When are you getting married?

In summary: All's gooooood. Nothing beats family. :)


Pink team! Lazer Tag with sibs, cousins and significant others.
L-R: Krista, Jorel, Wy, Me, Brent (who's like 6-foot-2), Bea, Hazel, Mark
110. Pasado na sa PE yan!

With Jorel, Krista's boyfriend (wheeee)

With Hazel, Mark's girlfriend (yihee)

Le familia. Ngayon alam nyo na kung bakit ganito ako hahahaha.
(Aww Andrea should be in this shot, totally.)
Oh man, family is awesome. Auntie Mimie and Jake brought awesome homemade maki while Hazel, Mark's girlfriend, brought awesome homemade panna cotta like AWESOMENOMNOM. And then Auntie bought me cake like I were a seven-year-old celebrating a birthday for, like, the 20th time HAHA. Love. Brent and Mark bought Tanduay Ice, Uncle Matt brought Bacardi (HELLO PASS MUNA UNCLE OK LANG), Auntie Benda brought barbecue, and then of course there was grilled chicken courtesy of Auntie's electric grill, and Krista and Wy's awesome honey mustard sauce, etc. This is why I'm fat haha.

In all -- a good day! :) Today I'm meeting my high school friends for dinner, hoping to introduce Andrea (after years and years of pestering haha). Also this morning: I got a haircut, the annual kind. Nothing much.

I'll write about Ms Bote -- bumped into her yesterday at Alabang Town, and I was like, speechless from joy. I loved that woman -- some other time. That calls for some lengthy introspection.


Julie wins Best in Surprise for this cake + boxes of pizza on my last night at the office before my birthday! Thanks Ate! :)

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